The Glam Geek Confessional

As I mentioned above, I purchased Aphrodite’s Shell, Sea Me, Hear Me, and Siren Song. I absolutely love these shades as they are ideal for creating and attaining an everyday, sun-kissed, summer makeup look, and give you a beautiful glow. As for the famous aqua, water specked product packaging, it couldn’t be any longer perfect!

Its reflective surface, with the 3D flecks of water droplets within the compacts of all of the product packaging are just so beautiful and very realistic! I think it is to be so much fun, and very summer months appropriate. I think this is the best packaging I have seen M.A.C produce, as I don’t believe they’ve ever done 3D packaging like such, before. Although I couldn’t get any colors from the collection, I pointed out that all the tones are complimentary to all skin tones. I’ve seen swatch photos online, and all the colors appear very flattering and gleam on everyone brilliantly.

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Watching: I just re-watched Stranger Things in its entirety to ready for season 2! There is still 2 months to look (October 27th!), but I needed ignored in regards to a lot in the series. If you haven’t binged this one yet, I definitely recommend it! Listening: Embedding September’s Playlist because it’s already so good! I cannot stop playing his music, but specifically his new music, Been You Always, is on do it again 24/7. I think this playlist is significantly the best of 2017 so!

Sale-ing: There are always a ton of amazing sales since it is any occasion weekend. For Saturday shopping I’ll execute a full roundup, but I decided to highlight a few things. Mark and Graham is having a huge sale and my overall favorite leather weekend is included. It’s super high quality and it is my go-to as a carry-on bag or road trip bag! JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser.

Reactivate it to see this content. I am frequently checking out the Club Monaco site, wishing they would soon release new items. As luck could have it, they just released a ton of new pieces that are gorgeous! Right now, they are offering 20%-30% off your total depending on how much you spend.

Wanting: So many new arrivals all over the place you turn! A great deal of stuff on my radar, so definitely scroll to take a look! Wanting II: You guys know how obsessed I am with Dior’s lip glow balm, but it’s super pricey. I’m really interested in attempting it out- has other people used the product?

Pittsburgh-ing: The Duquesne University School of Law student is dedicating their annual 5k and dog walk (Saturday September 23rd, 9am) in memory of Katie Westbrook, whose desire at age group 13 was to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, she was identified as having a uncommon bone cancer tumor, which had taken her life at age 15, right before she was to get an honorary degree from Duquesne University School of Law. 5,000.00 with the proceeds benefitting the SBA Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund. Smelling: That has a favorite fall candle that they love?

I don’t like anything sweet or vanilla/etc. I typically find my candles at Homegoods (I’ve distributed a bunch of finds before), but haven’t seen any great ones lately. Recommend your favorite in the comments below! Traveling: I’m going to New Hampshire in two weeks with some blogger friends. I’ve never been, so I’m very excited. We are flying up and then renting an automobile to explore the state there.