Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets

How have you been this week? Did you need to do anything interesting? Well personally for me this week was full of things and new experiences both online and irl. The week that the second annual Pixie Hollow Prom occurred And to be more specific this is! Seriously, that they had taken care of each and every detail possible (as I am going to also describe later) and the outcome of the event was stunning!

The event lasted for a complete week,in order for everyone to have time to stop by. It took place at the ladies’ world on Worlize and it acquired a theme :by the Sea. Unfortunately ,due to time zone variations some of us had some nagging problems with time. Some couldn’t make it at all and for some it was too late/early. For me and Angie ,it was TOO LATE.

It was worthwhile though! It had been so much fun! In fact ,I was able to appreciate the well worth of Worlize thanks to this event,I don’t think I’ve ever had anywhere near this much fun before on the website ! I just finished updating my blog for the first time in a calendar year and I had been feeling very nostalgic of Pixie Hollow. I noticed Fairy Abc reopened,so be playing that later when the server is up I’ll. Elsa is that you O.O? I went on to for the first time create my own world there.I still hadn’t got around to doing that.I made it to be my home from Pixie Hollow,with my garden and some extra touches J .

When I joined the room,there was another visitor attempting different Pixie Hollow dresses there. I immediately realized this is indeed a pixie hollow-related room, and a fellow fairy! From then on I decided to read my mail,and meet up with the latest pixie blogs from my fellow PBC.And do you know what?

I stumbled upon the state blog notice of the next annual Pixie Hollow Prom at Gwyn’s blog! XD To be honest,I didn’t know your blog before but I’m happy I came across it and am excited to go there too! I will inform Angie as well! Although…there’s one tiny little problem… what on earth am I heading to wear? Noone seemed to be available so I made a decision to “set you back her recovery” (Coincidentally I had developed forgotten today was the first day of prom,although while i went to It hadn’t began yet). …freakin YAOI o avatars.o ……….

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