For Long-term Weight Loss, Yoga MUCH BETTER THAN Cardio Exercises

BENGALURU: If you’re seeking to lose weight, gymming or operating aren’t the only options. Yoga trainer Chaitra Jayaraj is of the same opinion that the 12 steps of suryanamaskara have several benefits. “It really is a complete workout for the physical body. When done at a faster phase, it is an excellent cardio. Its postures assist in stretching your abdominal muscles, causing one to shed pounds throughout the tummy. Doing 21 rounds of suryanamaskara on a clear stomach uses up 10/11 kcal per round.

Results will show in two months,” said Jayaraj. Ashrita Lokhande is all praises for the warrior cause and said the asana works on hip and legs, hips, shoulders, arms, chest, ab muscles and back. “Step your right feet in the middle of your hands forwards. Draw the right hip backward and left hip forward and turn the left heel slightly outward.

Then lift yourself into a lunge, while lifting your arms with hands facing each other. Keep till five breaths and go back to the downward position gradually,” she described. For results, you should do five repetitions of the pose. “You are able to burn off 120 kcal,” said Lokhande. For those looking for something simpler, zumba and yoga exercise trainer Surabhi S suggests the superman create, which helps reduce stomach and back extra fat.

“Twenty minutes of the poses can burn upto 100 calories from fat. If a on the heavier part you need to hold longer then. At least five repetitions should be achieved,” she said. To accomplish the pose, rest on your tummy and simultaneously lift your head, arms, upper body and ft off the bottom up to you can. Keep the hips and lower belly flat and hold the pose for 30 seconds. Gautham Gopi, another yoga exercises expert, said the seat cause is perfect for beginners best. “You can feel the burn in your thighs immediately, abs, arms and hips. Later, try the chair pose with a twist to burn fat in your obliques, shoulder and spine,” he said.

  1. Eat more calories than you expend
  2. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (uncommon as isolated hip pain)
  3. Osteochondritis dissecans
  4. Diastasis recti/abdominal separation requires surgical repair

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