Note: There’s an up to date version of this article here. Today’s Thursday Tutorial is helpful information showing how to Schedule Posts. A follow-up guide will highlight how to gain access to scheduled posts and change when they are publishing or how to delete them. Because of this guide, I’m using one of my fanpages for UO Home Decor, to demonstrate scheduling a post. Access the page you intend to plan a post for.

At the very best it will say: “You are publishing, commenting, and preference as YOUR PAGE NAME – Change to YOUR NAME”. You should see these options below your position screen area. The button left, that looks like a clock, is the scheduler. The button immediately to the right of that that appears like a pin is the location tool that allows one to put a spot with a post. This allows you to arranged a period and time for this to publish.

Click on the calendar to set the date. The month Use the arrow secrets to improve, then just click on whatever time you want. The date will auto-fill in and the calendar view will disappear once you have clicked on the date you want. You can transform these details at any right time, including once you hit the routine button, but that’ll be covered in another guide. If you click in the “Add a Time?” container, it’ll let you type in a amount, then give a drop down menu to select AM or PM and a particular time from. Select the time you want.

Now, if you click in the status box to create your post, the options above will go away, but you’ll still start to see the “Schedule” button rather than the “Post” button. You don’t need to set up the time and date before you type your post, but I think it is supports not accidentally posting a post if you arranged enough time up before you create the post.

  • Enter an audience title, for example, My Website Visitors
  • Make a list
  • Targeted social advertising
  • Android x86 4.2 Image – Download the Android 4.2 image from here

Once you create the post, just strike Schedule and it’s really saved. You can change between Status, Offer/Event and Photo/Video, but I suggest selecting what you want prior to scheduling it to help with efficiency. So now that you know how to plan content, you may be requesting why you want to schedule content.

The answer is easy. If you’re active with work or attending a meeting or on vacation, scheduling posts allow the posts to post for you without you having to worry about it. You should have some web page admin examining things still. But it addittionally allows you to plan some things out in advance without having to worry about it every week – especially if you do weekly questions or memes. Thursday Tutorials are a series of tutorials made to help people who may not be as Facebook savvy as other folks. Some tutorials shall be targeted towards newbies to the social media world, others includes lessons for more advanced users. Thursday Tutorials are written for the layman and are designed with everyone in mind. The Thursday night Lessons by clicking on the Thursday night Tutorials label below You’ll find all.