Re: AIP Unified Labeling Webinar

Thank you Ryan for taking the effort to help educate clients and partners about how exactly to get around the migration path to Unified Labeling. These are the pain points we are experiencing that we hope is discussed in the webinar. Then the day slipped to 2H 2019 (an array of 6 months, sometime before December 31st). This is basically putting many of our AIP tasks on keep for six months.

When the indigenous Office ribbon integration will come, it will lack automated labeling. This is the main reason some of our customers have upgraded from EMS E3 to EMS E5. Interacting the loss of the revoke and monitor in the new Unified Labeling customer. So for the clients that require track/revoke functionality, do they are told by us to stay on the older client? Same conversation goes for the custom permissions feature. Seems like that is not prepared nor available for future releases.

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