HOW TO BEGIN AN EFFECTIVE Freelance Writing Career

HOW TO BEGIN AN EFFECTIVE Freelance Writing Career 1

The first rung on the ladder in searching for a job is planning a job application. However, this is where many fail, hurting your chances before you even start. I’ve been a recruiter for a decade and have viewed literally thousands of resumes. The reason I’ve seen so many is because most are easy to send to the slush pile immediately. Avoid the following three things if you would like to stay out of the slush pile, and find your way in to an interview.

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This can be like a voicemail message. If it is unprofessional, the employer is made by it question how professional you are. What message are you sending through the use of using an address such as this? To avoid this, create a separate, professional, email for your job search. If your name is common, use underscores, quantities and hyphens to secure the address.

2. Cover Letters: Most times, recruiters don’t read cover letters. However, if you do supply one, make sure to make it brief, professional, correct and to the point grammatically. You can usually judge the professional skill level of a applicant by his/her cover letter. Eg, The skills are believed by me I obtained within my last position make me the perfect person for this job. Skills acquired in my own last position ensure a smooth transition to the work at hand. State your intent/belief Simply.

The second phrase conveys confidence and good communication skills. 3. Computer Skills: Every job application should have this section. We reside in the age of technology which is main things recruiters look for, because employers give this as a basic first, eg, we are looking for someone who is proficient in QuickBooks Pro.

When recruiters begin their search, the very first thing they are going to do is try the Computer Skills section to find out if you have that skill. If it’s experienced by you, but have buried it under one of your job duties, we might see it never. So, be certain to list all of your computer skills in a separate section so that they are easily identifiable. Don’t have computer skills?

If you do not haven any, you should, don’t list any. BUT, do get thyself to a class and begin to learn. THEN, you can list the skill that you will be studying in this section. Many nonprofit community work organizations offer computer training free. Every major city has firms with programs like this. Don’t know the place to start?

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Start by getting in touch with your local unemployment office, or your neighborhood Small Business Administration branch. They must be in a position to connect you to programs and organizations like this. Remember, your resume is your professional calling card. If it’s unprofessional in any manner, it can put you out of the running before you start the race even. Make sure that it is 100% error free to ensure your chance of going to another round – a call/interview.

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