Elegance And Mommyhood

Wintery Blue and Olive Green. So this is a cozy work clothing during a cool late winter day. I have to say as much as it has been a real mild, warm winter in USA this 2011-2012 season, it was the contrary in Europe quite, including in Tirana (the administrative centre of Albania, where I reside).

Tirana hasn’t seen such a cool winter in at least 5-6 years. For today I want to wish you all A VERY HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND Before I leave! Spring here is finally. The April showers of the week, have certainly convinced me aside from the sunshine (some mornings) and the warm afternoons. What are your plans for Easter and moreover do you have anything special or very planned because of this Spring 2012? 1 Any fun trips in your near future?

Ahhh I wish I could travel somewhere for a week or so with my husband. Royal Blue, Turtleneck Sweater w/ Ruched Sleeves: The Limited. Forest Green, Corduroy Skirt w/ Metallic Buttons (Down the Front): Calliope. Thick, Navy Tights: Pompea. Olive Green OBI Belt: Piazza Italia. Very Light, Heart-Shaped, Blue, Plastic Earrings: H&M. Black Headband with Large and Smaller Tulle Rosettes (Off to the Side): The Limited. P.S. I Happen to like the messy location (of our storage space room at work) of the photos. It type of makes for an industrial mini-shoot.

Grade I listed structures will also be contained in the review, but de-listing is a lot less inclined to happen in those full instances, although regrading may be considered. The report on modern buildings can cause particular difficulties for their owners and occupiers, and can prevent or inhibit necessary alterations to meet changing needs. I propose to relax the handles over alterations to listed structures also. Grade I listed buildings as it does at present. To be able to assist owners of listed buildings to determine whether outlined building consent may or might not be required specifically circumstances, I propose to introduce provisions like the existing procedures for lawful development certificates.

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The non-availability of such certificates in respect of works to posted buildings is an anomaly that has long been in need of reform. The designation of conservation areas has hitherto been mainly in the hands of local planning authorities, and I dread that it is politics pressure at the neighborhood level that has led to over-designation. I therefore propose that in future the designation of conservation areas will be solely a ministerial responsibility in the same way as the report on historic buildings. These proposals are by no means the only changes to the planning system that my section intends to introduce, but they signify the most immediate reforms with which we plan to press forwards.

There is one other very important reform which I should also mention. This relates to the Planning Acts themselves. The same applies to the huge raft of subordinate legislation that has been made under the look Acts. The drafting of the overall Permitted Development Order, for example, is within dire need of complete revision.