Absurd WaysTo Make Your Employee Volunteer Program HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE Impact

VeraWorks and a faculty at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, BCCCC, thinks that employee volunteer programs are absurd and the key with their adding more value is to make sure they are even more absurd. Corporate and business Strategy. Can both exist within your employee volunteer program? Her suggestions may appear radical, and so she acknowledges these changes need to be small at first and that both types of volunteering can co-exist. Hasbro which includes has focused almost all their worker volunteer programs around children’s causes.

Health insurance company Aetna brings along worker volunteers that keep blood drives when the business visits university campuses for recruitment. Levi’s,which ties their corporate and business volunteer day on May 1st using their 501 skinny jeans range. Timberland,( my favorite story), has what Bea referred to as an intangible asset, a worker mentoring program within the business where senior managers would mentor junior managers and so on. By using this intangible asset they apply the same skills and performance evaluation to mentor underprivileged youth in neighborhood leadership development program.

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As an extra bonus we surely got to hear a demonstration first hand from Louise James of Accenture about their Accenture Development Partnerships, their exemplary worldwide community engagement and development programs. Bea will not leave us dangling in the air about how exactly to go about making these “absurd” changes. The beauty of the message is that small businesses can take benefit of these kinds of volunteering and maybe better still than their larger counterparts.

Small businesses may think they cannot have a huge impact on the community because they can not provide enough extra hands for fundraisers and pursuits like serving meals. But they have possessions too, the types that Bea has suggested for large corporations such as: specialized expertise; intangible property like employee skills and corporate and business programs for employee development; and hard resources like trucks, buildings and blue jeans even!

They too can match their primary business with charities that are focused on a similar human population. I support Bea’s suggestion of being more “ABSURD” as it means a variety of things: thinking outside of the package, being more disruptive, more creative and innovative. This is the way into the future for all kinds of business philanthropy including volunteerism and possibly the ultimate way to create positive social change.

1. Let’s properly determine multi-tasking for the work environment. From my perspective, multi-tasking at work is much more technical than doing a number of things at exactly the same time simply. It is a period management competency that requires the ability to prioritize in order to effectively handle the multiple projects on your plate. Multi-tasking is the ability to work smarter by identifying when it is appropriate to focus on more than one task at the same time.

For example, you don’t desire to be giving an answer to email requests while you are aiming to balance your department’s budget. But, you might be in a position to check those email messages during your task update meeting call if you are not just a key presenter or even the note taker. Exercise intelligence when pairing duties Always, ensuring that you do not pair two high focus tasks collectively.

We will never be able to get away the duty of multiple tasks, but we must exercise full control of our amount of time in order be effective with the specific task accessible. See, the ultimate goal of multi-tasking shouldn’t be what level of stuff can be completed in a short period of your time.