“GCR: QFS Or GFS/Gold-backed ECONOMIC CLIMATE” By Ron Giles – 7.2.19

DID YOU KNOW, that how much silver a country has, has absolutely nothing regarding the gold-backing of the country’s money? 2. DID YOU KNOW, that the new Financial System, that is changing the old Central Bank or investment company Financial System, is a new standalone Financial System that can do away with everything Central Bank or investment company. 3. DID YOU KNOW, that the worldwide Central Bank or investment company, Economic System will move into the very best Gold-backed Economic System the global world has ever know? 6. DO YOU REALIZE, that NESARA/GESARA legislation will establish the complete personal freedoms from Government interference in to the privacy of every individual and can reveal the will of people and you will be free of the corruption that now is present?

7. DO YOU REALIZE, that the expressed word, “Bank,” will change out of use to be changed by the word “Financial Service Centers;” banks to be re-purposed to become Financial Service Centers to provide their services absolve to the public? 8. DID YOU KNOW, that the true name, “Quantum ECONOMIC CLIMATE” will never be used in general public terminology, but it may be called the new simply, “Gold-backed Financial System” or GFS. QUESTION: You may consider, “Who the hell is this Ron Giles that he believes he understands what he is talking about with all of this stuff he says?

ANSWER: I’m just one single who has used the God-given Power of Discernment in conjunction with the reasoning ability to find things out. AM I A SPECIALIST? No. Do I’ve inside information from magic formula sources? No. SHOULD I talk to higher beings of light? Yes. “By their fruits shall you know them.” Am I going to debate or try to prove my knowing? Not necessarily, I have you don’t need to persuade others of my truth. I am not interested in a following or creating an organization to follow me.

I am just here to talk about something wonderful. I have used these details, this knowing, to create a extensive, interwoven, and unlimited method of my humanitarian work. I have distributed this with others since it is bigger than me or my Love Won Society company; I am the Overseer of Love Won Society.

I am a knowledgeable Sovereign giving an answer to my Stewardship responsibility. I am centered on service to humanity, to locate and discover the repressed and forgotten in society as well as the average indivdual trying to pay the bills to live a meaningful life for themselves and their loved ones. All articles, videos, and images published on Dinar Chronicles were submitted by readers and/or handpicked by the site itself for informational and/or entertainment purposes.

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  2. Supply of capital may be inelastic in short-run, but flexible in the long-run
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  4. Human Capital & Business Struture Analysis

This is relatively like a “mark-to-market” necessity. The impairment tests necessity in IAS 36 goals to ensure that carrying ideals aren’t overstated, i.e. it functions as a ‘cap’ to to avoid companies from confirming asset ideals that are too much. Hence in a sense, IAS 36 will not care about whether your transporting value is understated, technically there is absolutely no impairment reduction, and IAS 36 will not bother.

In that easy world, people in countries with trade surpluses would be lending to the people in countries with trade deficits. However, this “right from the start of your time” assumption is not reasonable. It would be easy for a people in a country as a whole to dissave by collecting on money that were previously lent to foreigners and using the money received to fund consumption expenses. Further, local investment is not zero therefore there is absolutely no necessary connection between nationwide keeping or dissaving and a trade surplus or deficit.

All the countries in the world can broaden their national savings by funding additional local investment. There is no way to determine whether a trade deficit or surplus are desired or not without knowing more about their cause. For instance, if the U.S. On the other hand, if foreigners want a chance of high come back capital investment in the U.S., it is an indicator of success.

Suppose that rather that produce cars in the U.S., Americans buy their vehicles from Japan. Meanwhile, People in america build office structures in the U here.S. Japanese traders. The U.S. Japan. The U.S. would be importing cars and exporting nothing at all. Only when we began to place the Japanese-owned office buildings on barges and ship these to Japan would operate be well balanced. If office structures in the U.S. Japan, this net capital outflow from Japan and in to the U.S. Japanese. And American workers and other reference owners can earn more income producing buildings and selling these to japan than building vehicles and selling these to the Americans.