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About halfway down the tunnel was another breached security checkpoint filled with unhinged and rusting doorways, scattered rust and oxidized copper, and two blueish-skinned corpses. By the end of the tunnel were two more useless security guards with the most common signals of a failed gunfight. The body were slumped against the wall opposite a rusted mine shaft elevator. It had been in rough shape, but it appeared operational. Dempsey had a few reservations about using what was only a rusted grate essentially, corroded wires, and a pulley.

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Porter got even stronger reservations about heading back just how they came, so up they went. The elevator control was only three buttons on the box; one for each direction and one to stop. The elevator creaked, and the gears ground, but it was apparent whoever experienced it installed wanted the best quality. Despite the sounds and some stuttered jerks, the elevator ride was soft normally.

It arrived to a halt at the top to show an eight-foot square gap in the landing where a grated floor got rusted away. A metal door have been ripped from its hinges, and it bridged the distance. On the far side of the door-covered hole, the ground was concrete, and there have been two more corpses who appeared to have been used completely by surprise.

The air at the very top was fresh, and the night time sky could be seen through the open doorway. The storm clouds had dispersed. The small concrete building resulting in the elevator was encircled by a chain-link fence topped with razor cable, but a big opening away acquired rusted. Porter and Dempsey paused for a moment and took deep breaths to clear their lungs and nasal passages.

The Irishman appeared back again toward the elevator, but he didn’t have to speak. Porter was considering the same thing. Atwood wasn’t going to make it. If it was created by them out of the town alive, they’d have a glass or two or two in his honor and then another drink or two for good measure.