Deborah Gist: Education Is The MOST SIGNIFICANT Investment WE ARE ABLE TO Make In Our Future

Despite Oklahoma’s ongoing challenges with state funding for public education, Tulsa is a populous city on the rise, and we are creating a world-class open public education system to aid it. Tulsa Public Schools has made a dedication that our region can be the nation’s destination for top level teachers and a proof point for what’s possible in urban education.

We know that education is the most crucial investment we can make inside our future, and we shall do whatever it takes to give our children the exceptional educational encounters they deserve. Year In the 2018-2019 school, Tulsa will become home to Oklahoma’s first public Montessori school where children will take part in hands-on self-guided learning. • Students at Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial High School are exploring aerospace technology, robotics, and computer-aided design and competing in local, state, and national engineering competitions. • Students at Booker T. Washington High School have the opportunity to complete both diploma and International Baccalaureate programs at one of the very best high academic institutions in the country.

• Students at Dual Language Academy, Zarrow International School, and Eisenhower International School are learning to become bilingual, bi-literate global residents through vocabulary immersion and international exchanges. • Students at Will Rogers Early College SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL are taking college classes at Tulsa Tech Center and Tulsa Community College and graduate with up to 30 hours of post-secondary course credits at no cost. • Students in the Edison Preparatory Academy AP Capstone participate in a strenuous two-year interdisciplinary academic program where they have the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone certificate and diploma.

In Tulsa, we leverage tactical partnerships with our business community to carve out new pathways for learning and also to create strong pipelines for workforce development. In 2015, we taken care of immediately the growing need for skilled labor in the aerospace industry by joining with Tulsa Technology Center and the town of Tulsa to launch the Tulsa Tech Aerospace Academy. Senior high school juniors and seniors spend half the day in a normal classroom setting and half your day in technical classes including course offerings around computer network technology, cyber security, and network systems administration.

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Our education system supplies the flexibility we have to be nimble and quickly responsive to the needs of our changing society. • McLain, Memorial, and Webster junior high institutions are implementing Teach to One Math, a highly personalized, data-driven method of math instructions that is advancing college student accomplishment. • In 23 schools, our Equity Ambassador teachers are implementing relevant, culturally-competent practice in their classrooms and serving as site-level resources for colleagues.

• Throughout our area, teachers and college market leaders are using real-time information to guide behavior and education management with our 15 data dashboards. In my own career in education, I have worked in six different states throughout our country, but I chose to return home to Tulsa because public education matters to the folks of this great city. I chose to be home because of the kindness and generosity of both resources and spirit which i encounter every day with fellow Tulsans. It really is incredibly rewarding to be always a part of Tulsa’s revitalization and to ensure our school district is contributing mightily to that – and to a brighter future for Oklahoma children and families. Deborah Gist is superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools and a graduate of Memorial SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

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