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Now Scott Aniol has joined up with a Southern Baptist Church and is an elder there, while teaching at a Southern Baptist seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (I had fashioned already written about this here). When I think about Scott’s doing of the, I could observe how he could justify it to himself.

The seminary is an academic setting, so it doesn’t matter as “fellowship.” It’s academia. It’s a fresh fundamentalist debate regarding separation. He has priorities for a cathedral. Calvinist. Liturgical. Conservative. He’s found that in his new chapel. He subordinates the SBC cooperative program, the lack of separation, and faulty eschatology to those priorities even. I’m guessing that if the church was Calvinist, Liturgical, Conservative, and King James Only, the latter will be a deal breaker.

It’s how it works today. Many people function like Scott is, which isn’t an excuse. There are churches around with a much better hermeneutic and better separation, but I believe Scott is choosing where he considers he can worship God the best, regarding to his view of the global world. How Scott is practicing shouldn’t offend most of his critics.

He’s taking a fundamentalist and gospel-centered approach. His church is directly on the fundamentals and the gospel, therefore the other activities don’t matter so much as it relates to his understanding of unity. That he’s getting criticized by those as being inconsistent doesn’t make any sense if you ask me. So then why do I believe that being SBC is wrong?

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Here’s why. SBC is rife with fake worship and so Scott fellowships with it. The cooperative program means he’s in fellowship with it. He’s indifferent in his parting. That dishonors and disrespects God in contradiction to Scott’s mentioned viewpoint. When criticism factors at Northland for its new worship idea, it blows up in Scott’s face. They can barely criticize Northland when Scott has chosen to be some place else that is worse. All of the problems above stem from a faulty ecclesiology mainly.

They start to see the true chapel as all believers, even though that isn’t how it reads in the brand new Testament. Because of that, they see a requirement of unity with all believers. This means they rank doctrines and make their decisions of fellowship based on their priorities. The Bible doesn’t train this. God is One and doesn’t contradict Himself.

A biblical theology will be internally constant. It can be because the same God wrote it. A universal church belief results in all the contradictions. A number of the liturgy beneficial to RAM looks Protestant and Catholic over on the formalistic side of professing Christianity. I’m not against liturgy, intentional worship, planning a great offering to God just like a well-planned and then well-served meal. I see too much Protestant and therefore Catholic impact on RAM that parallels with its ecclesiology. If RAM can’t or won’t separate, it will be in a position to preserve biblical worship never. It’ll be a short-lived mini-movement in an exceedingly small branch of fundamentalism. RAM is selectively culturally conservative.

I’ve harped with this for a long time now. If you’re going to take a constant world view, that begins with one God, and, therefore, one truth, goodness, and beauty, you will look at more than music. I’m sure the RAM guys are more conservative than the majority of fundamentalism all the way around on cultural issues, however they aren’t in a few apparent ways.

Modern variations and gender neutral dress clash using their foundational world view. One Bible with one set of Words is one truth. That suits with one God. This is actually the view of historic, conservative Christianity. The Memory sometimes appears by me clash with this as a bow to modernity. Designed gender distinctions in dress, just how biblical churches practiced, relates to one goodness.