This APPEARS LIKE A Well-run Bank

140. Investors have been mulling over changes in Peru’s overall economy, the de-dollarization of the banking sector, loan development and default trends, as well as company-specific issues like recent disappointments in earnings and the appealing acquisition of Mibanco. This appears like a well-run bank or investment company, though, and an organization that is organised to benefit from both the growth of the Peruvian overall economy and the maturation of the Peruvian financial sector. 160 on relatively traditional assumptions.

What happens to the 90% of sale transactions that clearly do unfit either the minimum amount EBITDA and revenue requirements or the conservative valuations of this group of customers? Those deals requiring contact with strategic industry buyers get into dormant status usually. They will not be worked actively, but will occasionally be presented in another email campaign, mail campaign or at an exclusive equity deal mart (industry meeting where many M&A firms present their clients to many PEG’s).

For the business enterprise owner that has paid a substantial in advance engagement charge or healthy regular monthly fees, this is not what you’d in mind. The way to get a business sold is to attain the proper industry customers. That’s not easy. Presidents of companies (the customer decision manufacturer) do not open up email from an unidentified party. So, mailings do not work. Let me repeat that. Within a acquisition and merger purchase, mailings do not work.

Presidents of companies do everything possible to keep their email addresses private, so email blasts on a broad scale aren’t possible. Telemarketers aren’t skilled to pass through the tone of voice email and associate screening gauntlet enough. If you have ever tried to present an acquisition chance to IBM, Microsoft, Google, Hewlett-Packard or Apple, let’s just say it might be easier to enter a castle with a moat full of alligators. The investment bankers from Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs can generally get an audience with any major CEO.

1 billion in income. 15 million in income businesses get sold? You will need to discover a boutique M&A firm that will provide a Wall Street style active offering process at a size appropriate fee structure. What does this mean? The approach that regularly produces a high percentage of completed transactions is the most labor intensive and costs the most to provide.

It can be an traditional, IBM, dialing for dollars effort, starting at the presidential level of the targeted tactical buyers. It often takes ten phone dials and a great deal of finesse to permeate the gauntlet and get a forty five second credibility opportunity with the right contact. If you are able to move that test and set up their interest, you ask them for their email address which means you can send them the blind profile (two page business summary without the company identity) and confidentiality contract. That is a qualifying test. The chief executive will not give you their email address unless they have real interest and you also established your professional trustworthiness.

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If the leader is not the correct contact, his assistant will lead you to the right party generally. When that happens, we update our contact management database with this information so on another M&A engagement we go directly to the proper contact. Our first engagement within an industry requires a great deal of this breakthrough process.

With each subsequent engagement in an industry, we become significantly effective and improve our trustworthiness and brand awareness. There is normally an advantage of engaging an M&A firm that has experience in your industry. After several transactions in a distinct segment, we become that better and effective. For instance, by our fourth engagement in healthcare information technology, the specialty is well known by us of the top 300 players, we know the lead on M&A deals, we realize his direct dial number, email address, & most he understands us importantly. So are there lists of qualified buyers and there are lists of qualified buyers. When offering your business, ensure that you engage a company that has a list of skilled customers truly.

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