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The Trump rally continuing this month but started to show some weakness towards the end of the month, as people now begin to doubt if President Trump can turn all his claims into guidelines. STI “chiong” move 3,100 but taken in the last 3 days back. The index closed at 3, 61. Month My stock portfolio performed perfectly this. Its value increased by 3.15% in a single month, thus narrowed the entire year to day space between its performance and that of the index. This month, I bought some SingPost shares. I subscribed to the right issues from Tat Hong also, and participated in the scrip dividend scheme of First Reit and Keppel Reit. 8,656.00. Besides, I increased my bond investment this month and reduced Equity fund investment. 11,931.00 in dividend, from both shares and UT.

This way, you can include current income to your portfolio while potentially acquiring new shares for less than they are selling today. The simple truth is there are no bad investment products. They may be neutral and also have known characteristics. However, there are bad strategies put on investment products. Continuing with examples, year bull market platinum has been around an 11. Gold isn’t an inherently good investment product as anyone who owned it during the ’80s and ’90s can attest; yet, every now and then, day in the sun they have a. What’s relevant is a valid timing process that will keep your capital from the long-term bear markets and in the long-term bull markets.

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Again, it’s about process – not product. So, what can we study from these three good examples? 1. If you get the timing right, you will be wrong about strategy and valuation, yet still turn out with a profit. 2. In the event that you get the valuation right, you can be wrong about timing and strategy and still turn out with a income. 3. In the event that you get strategy right (have a positive numerical expectation with good risk management), your income is guaranteed over time even though any single investment can fail on timing and valuation. The key is to realize there is no such thing as an inherently good or bad investment.

Related: Why you need a wealth plan, not an investment plan. Successful trading is all about process: risk management, strategy, and timing. It requires effort and work. Everyone wants to know, “What is a good investment? “, but it’s a fundamentally flawed question that sends your thinking in the incorrect direction.

It’s the misconception of the magic tablet – a one stop solution. Good investing is all about risk management, strategy, and timing. It’s about process. So please discuss your thoughts with this subject. Did you get new insights, or am I lacking something? Want to Learn More about Investment?

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