Mufc Needs A WAKE-YOU-UP CALL, Not An Earnings Call..

There was much enthusiast fare on Thursday, as Manchester United held its quarterly profits call. Ed Woodward released a bullish statement of intent, promising supporters that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be given the resources had a need to provide success on the pitch. The club’s home package for next season was released, with an unsubtle nod to history as the twentieth wedding anniversary of the treble triumph rapidly approaches.

But scratch under the surface, and it’s easy to understand why like United’s historical success, the wish of its followers is quickly fading away. Thursday As of last, Manchester United’s share price traded around 10% lower than 12 months ago. It exchanged approximately 25% lower compared to last August and the season’s start. The stock’s performance mirrored the team’s over the season, tanking during Mourinho’s death spiral, bouncing somewhat as Ole took the wheel, and it is teetering again as the season flat-lined precariously.

Investors would be well within their privileges to ask whether Woodward is the right man to lead the club given the club’s downturn on the pitch and on the stock market. Two rates from Woodward through the call will have captured the optical eyes and ears of United followers, mainly in disbelief and bewilderment. This is the same Ed Woodward who refused to pay the three million pounds difference it would have cost to bring Ivan Perisic to the club last summer, a much needed pacey, direct winger.

It’s also the Ed Woodward who has presided over the fruitless visit a Director Of Football, a search that has bought out eight months. And after that eight month search? The lead applicants are former club employees with no experience in the Director Of Football role. Could it be any question that United supporters are taking to cultural press en masse to express their discontent with those charged with operating the club? Who Needs Players When You Can Sign Sponsors? Taking a look at a few of the figures from the quarterly results produces interesting reading.

Manchester United these days, prioritise relentless commercial pursuit over footballing success. Emphasis on the recently launched Manchester United app during the income call was yet another exemplory case of the same exhausted modus operandi. United supporters will don’t forget wearily last summertime, the “putting your signature on” of Chivas, the whisky partner. Your day before the transfer deadline This being, when the club should have been working tirelessly to secure the playing staff needed to mount a serious problem to Manchester City.

In a move dripping with too little self awareness, it was announced with much pomp by the Manchester United Twitter account. The negative reaction of followers at that time was an understatement and indicative in the article below. However, there may be signs in the recent earnings call, that the club’s ability to regularly sign new commercial deals may be stuttering. Commercial revenue is unchanged year quarter to year quarter. Zero growth. For any club that depends upon its rampant commercial engine to operate a vehicle earnings, this is a potential problem.

Now, you can claim that existing commercial partnerships are middle term, which agreements will be renewed with an increase of revenue. 1. Do I’d like my brand to be associated with a failing soccer team? 2. Is my investment better placed with more successful football clubs? A predictable response from the club’s senior management would indicate bumper “social media engagements” and “television viewing figures”. Broadcasting revenue was up almost 9% over the previous 12 months. However tellingly, the club explained in its released cash flow document, that the increase was down to a fresh Champions League broadcasting agreement generally.

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Given that United will never be playing in the Champions League next season, broadcasting exposure at Europe’s top desk will be diminished. Broadcasting income will also reduce. This will surely switch off potential commercial suitors, as well as those companions in place already. UnfollowUnited Twitter campaign, protesting against the Glazers and the running of the club. As an ongoing or potential commercial partner, one would be justified in requesting just how many of United’s Twitter followers are real, and exactly how much publicity they are actually getting because of their an incredible number of pounds of investment?

Perhaps less alarming to the membership, but another indicator of the United’s malaise; an extended standing, day prominent United pub in Chorlton did not even trouble showing United on the final. They chose instead showing both City and Liverpool in their search for the title. Of the challenge for the title Regardless, you might expect United to be on at least one TV in a staunch United pub in red territory.