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“Investors are keenly alert to the dismal and unstable results from the major financial marketplaces. They are demanding alternatives and total comes back. The Barclay rating certainly highlights the strategy’s excellent profits but moreover, it shows that the funds’ performance is non-correlated to financial markets. The Fund’s NAV has increased 27% since July 2008, which has been individually dependant on our actuaries, Data Life, and verified by our Administrator Commonwealth Fund Services.

Additionally, we have recently delivered our first 3rd party audit to investors also, “says Kenneth Landgaard, Portfolio Manager. Tranen Capital’s strategy is to trade life insurance guidelines in the entire life Markets Space, more known as the Life Settlements Market commonly. THE LIFE SPAN Markets Space allows seniors to market their life insurance coverage contracts to get more than the money surrender value than they would otherwise receive from the Insurance Company.

The credit turmoil has helped create more supply as Seniors (65 or older) want for different ways to generate cash. 160 billion over the next several years, relating to a Sanford Bernstein survey. Arthur Bowen, Director and in-house counsel explained, “The development in the life settlement market confirms the validity of this asset class and we continue steadily to see great interest from institutional investors. Tranen Capital offers certified offshore investors access to the Tranen Capital Alternative Investment Fund Ltd. 1% acquisition charge and a 20% motivation fee.

You could create a market-beating portfolio exclusively made up of Hidden Gems (or any other type of investment, in fact). But it’s probably more sensible to devote simply a part of your investible assets to the best-of-small variety of stocks — from 10% to 40% of the portfolio depending on your comfort and ease. Innovation gets your heart racing. When high-def, Bluetooth-enabled, surround-sound rocket boots hit stores, you’ll probably be the first person on your block to own a pair.

In investment conditions, you seek companies that challenge the position quo — those that take on an established business, reinvent it, and eventually usurp the initial. Better still are the ones that create an completely new market for something everyone didn’t even realize we couldn’t live without. In the Fool we call these businesses Rule Breakers (apt, eh?).

And in every way, these lenders defy the rules. Traditional valuation metrics like P/E ratios and discounted cash-flow calculations don’t fly in the land of Rule Breakers. The figures often look wacky because the Street simply doesn’t have the various tools to accurately evaluate these companies’ merits, so as a shareholder you need to stay alert and become psychologically nimble enough to reevaluate your investment thesis. Flexibility is crucial.

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Also be familiar with the rule of Daedalus: You can’t keep flying higher and higher without eventually getting burned. This can be the most exciting kind of trading there is certainly. Nevertheless, you must recognize the big-risk/big-reward connection. Your mistakes can cost you. But it’s a lot less painful if you spread the risk around with other asset classes. You are a worldly Fool. In the quest for investment opportunities, you’re not afraid to tread into foreign territory — literally.

You notice that the pace of development of our economy versus others has transformed. The U.S. will still grow, but there are countries where the growth opportunities are astronomical. If you pine for international flavor in your profile get comfy with a little less clarity from the firms in this world.

Your comfort level with different accounting methods, shareholder laws, currency dangers, and even “political risk” will regulate how a lot of your collection to spend on international fare. No, you’re not fickle. You seek a number of opportunities to make your cash grow simply. Within your heart you understand that investing in the currency markets is the one true way to create inflation-beating wealth over the future. But sometimes your uncertainties overcome your perseverance to stay the course.