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Just starting out on your investment journey? Are you investing for a while and need a refresher? A good investor takes the time to be clear on the essential principles of trading and uses these to boost investing skills as time passes and moreover, to prevent the costly pitfalls. Where are you now? Where would you like to go?

How are you going to get there? Where are you now? Where would you like to go? How are you going to get there? An investment plan identifies the strategy and technique to manage your prosperity to invest in various expenses during your lifetime. The steps lay out in the AIA’s Investment Planning Workbook (download) will help you think about the ingredients of your personal investment plan. The workbook was used as a reference for the 2015 National Conference, but is a useful stand-alone record, with an appendix of recommendations for further reading.

But there are specific other factors that may come into play. Intent to work indefinitely. If you’re like many boomers, you may be resistant to placing a succession plan set up. You’d prefer to “work forever” or as long as you’re able. But external factors might put some lines and wrinkles in your plans.

Since sustaining the disengagement model depends upon steady cashflow, it’s important to forecast future income accurately. Take into account the mixed impact of the attrition of the few clients, a sizable amount of clients in the distribution phase of their financial lives, and the reality that away ageing clients are passing. All directly affect revenue (i.e., the main element factor in remaining in the Success stage versus reverting to Survival mode).

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Attracting new clients. It’s easy to think you’ll simply replace disappearing business with new clients. Well, reconsider. The oldest seniors are approaching 68. Gen X investors are entering their 50s now. Are these investors much more likely to get an advisor nearing 70 or another Gen Xer on the market? The hard truth is that attracting new customers could become challenging over time more and more.

“I hate that management stuff.” You’ve achieved success on the market thanks to your excellent professional skills. But long-term growth and viability need a myriad of business features. Specifically, you must question whether you’ve developed the management skills that are just as critical to the growing enterprise as your professional expertise, or even more so. Leaving a legacy. Many advisors talk about building an enduring company. If you’re a single, however, the much more likely scenario is selling your practice.

Ensembles have a tendency to sell to other ensembles however, not to solos, and solos sell to either ensembles or solos. So, if you want to create a legacy firm truly, you can not choose to disengage. Instead, your concentrate should be on ongoing growth of the business and advancement to the Takeoff and Maturity stages.