Heck, walter Schloss rely on Valueline reports all his life even, read annual reports and doesn’t usually go to AGMs. So one of the available screener is StockFacts. There are very little guidelines available, and also a maximum of 4 parameters that you can established at any point of time. In case your appetite for risk is big, the market can be increased by you cap allowance to a minimum of even 1.3million (this is the market cap of the tiniest stock in SGX).

I choose a dividend yield of at least 2%. Fix deposit rates is situated at about 1.8% in Singapore, but it could be only 1.4% now. The complete idea is I wish to be rewarded for waiting and holding stocks and shares. I don’t have a fixation for just about any industry, but usually P/BV (Price over Book Value) stocks of 0.5 or less are presently property stocks, who are largely cyclical stocks.

  • Turnover of £632,000 or less
  • Self-Publish a Book
  • Form 16
  • Invest up to £20,000 this tax year

Cyclical make reference to stocks and shares that are highly value during good times and vice versa. As you can see, companies that didn’t visit a dime of earnings like Hyflux is screened. You can add a Price/Earning ratio and set it to 0.001 or some sort of value. From the bat, I will take special notice of a few companies above. PE over the years? How valuable are the assets? A big value for PPE (Property, Plant and Equipment) is not attractive. From the list of companies, one of these that i am willing in is Hong Kong Land, a subsidary wholly possessed by the conglomerate Jardine Strategic Holdings.

It is also listed in STI, which brings about significant amounts of liquidity and attention. Taking a look at its annual report, this ongoing company is so reputable by bank or investment company. The majority of its loans are unsecured. Simply clicking HongKong Land within Stockfacts bring you to this web page where it throws up some past history of this large company.

I am willing to go through the “Download/Print” page that will display a nice 3-4 page PDF. Consistent Cash Flows in Operations. I really believe the large outflow of profit FY2015 in financing is to service its debts. Hong Kong Land has an strong balance sheet at this time extremely.

Payout ratio refers to the % of profits it is paying as dividends. Through the pre-2011 days, this company has fast-growing earnings. I can only assume currently that it’s re-investing its profits for growth. As income growth slows, it is spending a respectable amount as dividends.

Who will be the major shareholders? I’ll only worry in Jardine begins paring down ownership.. You are going to still need to read the annual report to understand the business enterprise. For its latest report in March, it appears that HKL is a property rental collector with large revenues from its rental in Greater China, hong Kong particularly. Almost 70% of its income is from property investment. The rest is from property development, where most of which are in China. If you believe in the path of the business, I think HKL is a worthy buy. Does it pay off handsomely? Not necessarily. But could it be safe?

Maybe it is within 10K records. Who knows. You arranged that up. Or if it’s Dong. I have 5 million Dong. You write that down so they know that is what you say you have. I have one quad of Zim let’s say. Boom 1 Quad is ten 100T notes, for example.

Okay that is a quad. You say I have 1 Quad of Zim. They say Yes. They go thru it and confirm that. They count it. Authenticate it. Boom you there are. They are able to check off fundamentally. Yes, I agree, Okay. They should give you a receipt for that.

A receipt for that currency. You then get to the real point what is my rate on each one. The pace is got by you on each one. They actually the multiplication on the calculator. It is done by them twice to ensure it is correct when they put it in the calculator. A receipt is got by you which I hope is a receipt. That basically is your deposit in a single or even more accounts. Bruce: They’ll want to lump all of your currencies into one account. I get that. They want to take everything and combine it jointly.