Investment Banking Resumes: Investment Banking Career

Investment Banking Career – Are You Wanted by Investment Banks? Do YOU OWN the Qualifications Necessary for an Investment Banking Career? In my experience, applicants with a master’s degree are certified to success. Investment banks want the best out of the best. Therefore, if your MBA or MSc is from HEC or MIT, you have a competitive benefit.

However, man is not created equivalent. Not everyone has a chance to get educated from famous institutes. If you are dedicated to an investment banking career, make yourself a CFA. If you have an MSc and a CFA, you are going to blow away a lot of contests. Make an effort to complete all the exams within the first five years after graduation.

It’s going to be a lot of effort, but it will accelerate your promotion acceleration certainly. CFA. As a matter of fact, a higher percentage of my clients/candidates who are actually department minds or regional mind or even global minds in the bulge mounting brackets, do have an identical educational background. On the other hand, I must emphasis that qualifications are just the secrets to open up the entranceway to the world of investment bank.

Your future depends on how well you do in your job. Remember performance bonus contributes a great majority of your total income bundle. What if I don’t have a finance-related level nor I am not a CFA, may i be an investment banker? Yes. Industry specialists are wanted by investment banks.

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If you do well in a certain industry, you can begin your banking career as an equity analyst. Among my clients, the previous Asia head of equities at a US bulge bracket, didn’t have a qualification related to financing or bank. He started his career as a police fighting against commercial offences. There are other skills needed if you want to pursue an investment bank career. Go sit for a few NASD Exams (series 6 or 7), if you would like to become trader. Click on the above link to see more info on CFA and NASD Exams. Question: What is scripophily? Is investment banking your desire job? Have a FREE profession test!

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