Morning Market Report

That stock is down nearly 8% before the opening. Earnings will continue to come fast and furious this week. About 30% of the S&P 500 will report this week. Then, week all eye will be on Fri morning when the unemployment figures turn out for July next. Markets in the Far East were all higher. The Hang Seng in China was up 1.35%, the NIKKEI in Japan was up1.45%, as the Straits Time Index in Singapore was up 1.71%. In Europe it was mostly positive though not almost to the same intensity also. 68.22. Meanwhile, Treasury rates continue steadily to climb.

The Ten calendar year happens to be trading at 3.72%. The spread between your 2 and 10 calendar year is 2.66% which also inches higher. The yield spread measures the probability of future inflation. It reached record highs of 2.75% and is now inching toward that record again. Meanwhile, an enormous amount of Treasuries will be auctioned off this week.

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115 billion in Treasuries will be auctioned off this week. The Dollar is mainly weaker. It’s off .4% versus the Euro, down .42% versus the British Pound, and off .34% against the Yen. Watch the Ten season connection. If this rally causes the Treasury bond to approach 4%, it will be temporary because borrowing costs will be too much to sustain it simply. All information here’s meant for informational purposes rather than meant as an endorsement of an investment and must not be taken as such. I am Not just a certified investment professional and everything investment strategies should be made on an individual level.

Hans Olsen, global mind of investment strategy at Stifel, said… ‘These questions will persist because the core problems in Europe have not been set. June 21 – New York Times (Eduardo Porter): “Is ‘Europe’ finished? The most recent polls and politics prediction marketplaces this week suggest that Britons will vote on Thursday in which to stay europe. The Leave advertising campaign, led by Boris Johnson, the previous mayor of London who tried to whip up a surge of resentment against immigrants into a vote for Britain to leave the bloc, looks established to fail.

But even if the pro-European Remain cause pulls out a triumph, the popular hostility against the decades-long procedure for European integration – evident not only in Britain but across the Continent – underscores a defining weakness. Europe itself lacks a company democratic basis. Europe’s leaders face a clear-cut choice: Because of their integration agenda to achieve success – preserving the free movement of people within the bloc, forging with the euro and the one market ahead, keeping doors open to outsiders – the E.U.

June 22 – Reuters (Sarah White): “The parched olive groves and tranquil cities of Spain’s southern Cordoba province are an improbable backdrop for a politics upset that could reverberate across Europe. Some local people like 57-year-old Lorenzo Molina Yet, an unemployed librarian, hope they can help deliver that in a fresh nationwide election on June 26 pursuing an inconclusive December ballot. June 22 – Reuters (Megha Rajagopalan): “China’s top newspapers highly criticized the United States… after it deployed two airplane carriers on an exercise objective in East Asia where armed forces tensions have risen amid China’s growing assertiveness.

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