For The Week Ended October 1

This newsletter will include the every week recap from Vanguard, a section about how to produce a stock portfolio safer by utilizing a risky asset, plus some trivia on October. The economy expanded in the next quarter but remains weak. Making is growing but at a sluggish pace also. Consumer confidence fell, even while earnings modestly increased and spending increased. For the week ended October 1, the S&P 500 Index fell 0.2% to at least one 1,146 (for a year-to-date total return, including price change plus dividends, around 4.3%). The produce of the 10-yr U.S. Treasury be aware fell 10 basis points to 2.52% (for a year-to-date loss of 133 basis points).

Traditional thinking is that if a person wants a conservative profile that only conventional investments should be included. These investments include short-term bonds and money market funds that typically provide a low come back. An alternative solution approach is to use the principle of co-variance where risky assets that move differently from one another give a much better return with a portfolio with the same low risk.

The idea is with an asset that go up when another falls with each asset increasing with time. The standard approaches is to put stock mutual bond and funds shared money together in a few proportion. A different approach is to use a risky asset that goes the opposite direction of the currency markets. The idea is to purchase a volatility index that will go the opposite direction of the currency markets. This volatility index has significant leverage which goes at a faster rate than the stock market.

A perfect example of how to use this approach is trading during September when the experts are offering advice that now could be a good time to take profits. Instead of getting out of the currency markets and missing out on the stock market rally the approach is to sell a small fraction of stock mutual funds and purchase the volatility index. In this manner, the volatility index works like an insurance policy.

A drop in the stock market is ofset by a rise in the volatility index and the trader maintains balance. October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar. It received its name from the Latin numeral “octo” meaning “eight”, because in the first Roman calendar it was the eighth month. Every year at 2:00 A Dayight Savings Time ends.M. In merry old England during olden times the month of October was once called “Winmonth”, month which meant wine. It has also been called ‘Teo-monath’ (Tenth month) and ‘Winter-fylleth’ (Winter full moon) in the Old Saxon traditions.

Learning more knowledge enables you to to err rarely and which make you a successful investor. Vision is not about to see the basic things occurring but it is to see through the future happenings. For investing, you need a good vision in to the future and really should be able to interpret the futuristic phenomenon of a company’s prospective. So good vision fetches you more earnings and will donate to your success at all the fields.

It takes a lot of sifting through intel, reading with your heart, to build a complete picture of what is happening. 6. Regarding the tweets, there’s definitely been a spate of dubious deaths within the last two days. No relevant question about it. Maybe we are heading into ‘Suicide Weekend’ as referenced in Q drops?

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7. Reliable resources like John Solomon from Fox News talked about DECLAS occurring last week or this week. Imagine if that was deliberate disinformation to generate last second panic for the Deep State? March 2018: President Trump returned the united states to the Gold Standard US Note (USN) by reverting Nixon’s Executive Order via intro of the HR 5404 Bill.

April, 2019: IRS officially shut down. Sat. May 18 2019: RV trigger drawn. Sat. May 25 2019: The Iraqi Dinar officially revalued in-country. Tues. May 28 2019: USTN went live in the US @ 4:30 pm EDT after the Market closed. Sat. June 1 2019: There were 209 countries which met in Europe to place their stamp on the Global Currency Reset. Mon. June 3 2019: Queen Elizabeth signed documents that handed back to The People, British Crown-Vatican-Central Bank’s control over US taxpayers and the global financial system. The Bond Market, Stock Market and Deutsche Bank or investment company implosions started, as the US converted from a fiat buck to gold/asset-backed US Note (USN).

Wed. June 5: The 47 Whales were processed and paid on Wed. June 5. That started the payouts. Tier 4A was made liquid. Thurs. June 6 2019: Historic Bond and Zim redemption in Zurich, Hong Kong, London. RV release of local accounts. Prosperity Package began hard deliveries. Tues. June 11: Expected beginning of forex meetings. Wed. June 12 2019: Wanted to have the majority of Zim redemption completed. Thurs. July 4 2019: NESARA/GESARA Announcement?