Sorting Out The Patent Trolls

There is nothing at all unlawful about buying patents, or enforcing patent rights by requiring a license charge. The Federal Trade Commission has the authority to gather confidential business information. The FTC describes it findings in an October 2016 study: Patent Assertion Entity Activity. The statement runs more than 200 web pages, including a review of existing research books and the relevant courtroom cases, together with past FTC thinking on this subject over the last decade or so. The term “patent assertion entity,pAE or “, as utilized by the Commission in this survey and elsewhere, refers to a company that primarily acquires patents and seeks to generate income by asserting them against accused infringers.

As the term underscores, PAE business models concentrate on asserting patents that the firm has acquired from third celebrations, rather than obtained from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) through prosecution. Patents are a PAE’s principal asset; a PAE does not manufacture, distribute, or sell products. Holding a patent Merely, however, will not generate revenue for a PAE. Instead, the company generates income by licensing that patent or, more hardly ever, by obtaining court-ordered damages in successful patent infringement litigation. Furthermore, a PAE generally initiates negotiations that may lead to a license by communicating a demand for payment to, or submitting an infringement suit against, an accused infringer.

The statement cites some proof from other studies that a greater talk about of patent infringement lawsuits are being brought by “non-practicing entities,” which is to state companies that own the patents but don’t make anything. Portfolio PAEs typically conducted business in the following manner. First, they acquired portfolios of patents.

Portfolio PAEs frequently obtained patents from manufacturing firms by making large up-front obligations to the dog owner. Some Portfolio PAEs acquired hundreds or hundreds of patents in individual transactions, often purchasing these patents from manufacturing firms. Other Portfolio PAEs acquired smaller numbers of patents per transaction and aggregated them into larger portfolios.

Regardless of acquisition model, Stock portfolio PAEs structured obtained patents into one or more portfolios then, each including hundreds if not thousands of patents and offered these portfolios for licensing. The Litigation PAE business design frequently employed a number of affiliate entities, usually set up as limited responsibility companies (LLCs), each intended to acquire and assert a small stock portfolio of patents, without bundling or aggregating obtained patents into larger portfolios.

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Regardless of if they sent demand letters, Litigation PAEs more often than not sued potential licensees in region court before you begin license negotiations. Litigation PAEs tended to be thinly capitalized. Many had between one and three individual owners, often without other employees and no offices outside of their owners’ homes. Actually, several Litigation PAEs were simply individual business owners who relied completely on outside lawyers and professionals to keep up records regarding their assertion activity. They often operated with little if any working capital and relied on contracts to share future revenue with patent sellers to invest in their businesses.

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