“Owambe” Party Shoes Sets With Matching Bags

This hub was influenced by every footwear lover woman out there who would like to know where to buy those quite looking girls’ party shoes with stylish matching bags. Every woman I understand love shoes. Well, maybe not ‘every’ female, but most. So, it can be a little of a headache looking for that perfect shoe for that special event, particularly when you wear a size 9 or above.

What’s even harder is finding the right bag or purse to fit your shoe, should you find one. The nagging problem nearly all women face in searching for shoes and bag is where you can look. So, I’ve compiled a summary of specialty store that carries lots of ‘party shoe’, otherwise known as the ‘Owambe’ shoe.

Owambe’ is a term widely used for parties celebrated by Nigerians to indicate a special occasion, or a milestone accomplishment, such as, graduation, wedding, birthday, ordination, and naming ceremonies even. At such occasions, it is very common to see girls wearing shoes with matching bags, a fashion practice that is unsettling for some.

How much are you willing to spend on authentic Italian or Manufactured in Spain party shoes/bag? Owambe party shoes with coordinating luggage are high society style shoes that are almost always accessorized with crystals or simple ornaments. 1500 for the high-ends. Price is usually for both the shoes and complementing luggage.

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Shoes in this category are only marketed through selected fashion stores and distributors as they fall in to the category of rare, authentic, and sometimes, very costly ladies shoes that are difficult to acquire. This web store in located in the uk. ANOTHER THING Shoes isn’t just a store, but is also a well known name in the world of designers of high quality shoes using its very own choices of matching shoes and handbags.

This company of designers and shoemakers produces irresistible high fashion footwear and stunning handbags. In addition to their brand, Something Else Shoes, they also carry Sacco brand of shoes and matching hand bags, plus other wide selection of luxurious leather shoes from famous brands, such as, Sergio Bellini, and Mesarrati. Specializes in marketing low to top quality, manufactured in Italy, and Spain women shoes and complementing bags.

Men’s Italian shoes and flip flops. Aaron International store is situated in the town of Boston, Massachusetts. Located at, 244 Brighton Avenue, Boston, MA 02135, this store not only has a physical (offline) store, but has an online existence also, making it easy for customers to order their wares online. Specializes in marketing low to medium ends manufactured in Italy Shoes with Matching Bags for girls. Shoes DESIGNED FOR Seamed Stockings. Doll 1970 – a fresh Decade!

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