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Successfully controlling investment funds in today’s financial environment requires the skills and oversight of seasoned lawyers with proven experience. Holland & Knight’s Investment Management Team has an extended history of representing clients in every aspect of finance formation and investment management transactions. For offshore funds, we evaluate the location and tax implications for traders, investments and advisers to help the sponsor determine the perfect jurisdiction for finance business, the need for multiple entities or tiers and the correct service providers. We also have experience representing private investment funds in start-up, growth stage and turn-around venture capital and other equity investments; leveraged acquisition and recapitalization transactions; and sales, redemptions and other divesture and liquidity transactions.

We have recommended numerous domestic and non-U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and applicable state rules. Our practice includes forming investment advisers, advising investment advisers on issues regarding the need to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or suitable states and helping with such registrations. We stand for clients of most sizes, from investment advisory divisions of large U.S. Regardless of their size, our commitment to every client is the same – to provide proper, effective advice that satisfies all your investment management needs.

Holland & Knight guides financial services establishments through the legal intricacies of global procedures. Our attorneys understand the huge benefits as well as the potential risks associated with international financial rules. We assist clients that wish to increase their market shares by assisting with structuring their international procedures in a manner that minimizes dangers and maximizes efficiencies. Our investment management attorneys have extensive experience representing common trust money for fiduciary accounts and collective trust funds for tax-qualified pension plans. Furthermore, we offer extensive advice on conformity with the federal government tax, securities, pension and banking laws and state fiduciary laws and regulations that form the basis for these products’ tax-free position and exemption from SEC sign up.

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Our attorneys regularly handle complicated tax conditions that arise during the formation and operation of mutual funds. We work in cooperation with your management, accountants and auditing companies to address the tax implications in a cohesive, coordinated manner. U.S. traders in U.S. U.S. investors in funds that make non-U.S. We use our understanding of these rules, along with our understanding of the tax rules in the investee jurisdiction and relevant tax treaties, to create structures designed to optimize international tax results. We also have substantial experience with controlled investment company rules and other guidelines that govern investments in U.S.

PFIC rules that govern the treatment of U.S. Our Investment Management Team regularly represents brokerage firms, registered representatives, financial organizers and investment advisers in securities arbitrations by FINRA, NYSE, AMEX, CFTC, NFA and AAA. Our arbitration experience includes both post-arbitration and pre-arbitration proceedings in condition and federal courts; the enforcement of arbitration agreements or status quo injunctions; and the confirmation, modification or vacation of arbitration awards.

Our clients add a selection of different institutional traders, endowments, pension funds, trusts and other investors for whom we review and evaluate documentation for everyone manner of fund investments. When you seek counsel from our Investment Management Team, you use attorneys who not only possess a thorough knowledge of regulations but likewise have strong industry-wide working interactions. Furthermore, you partner with a team that shows the best standard of client service – the first priority of each practice at Holland & Knight.