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It’s been more than a 12 months since Facebook announced that it might be funding an area News Subscriptions Accelerator. Now the business is sharing a few of the ways that program has led to new initiatives at different publishers. “The Lenfest Institute’s mission is to develop and support sustainable business models for local journalism,” Herts said.

5 million in additional value over the 14 participating metro papers. For example, the San Francisco Chronicle kept an “ultra sale” in the wintertime of 2018, signing up more than 5,000 new subscribers, making it its best digital membership initiative up to now. Facebook also pointed at the Philadelphia Inquirer’s creation of “a cross-functional agile team from marketing, circulation and data/analytics,” and at the Seattle Times’ efforts to personalize the messages requesting readers to subscribe, and to research prices elasticity.

– which is why the accelerator reconvened this season to focus on retention. I acquired a chance to discuss about these initial results with Facebook Local News Partnerships Business lead Josh Mabry and Accelerator Program Manager for News Partnerships David Grant. AFTER I told them I used to be urged that magazines that aren’t, say, NY Times-level can still develop their membership programs, Grant replied, “Can local information do it?

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Grant also recognized that the first thing most publishers ask is: How come Facebook doing this? Is it just to drive more use of Facebook products like Instant Articles? Actually, he estimated that 99% of this program has nothing in connection with Facebook. “It’s not about Facebook services and tools,” he said. “Really, the concentrate is on building the right type of community.

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