HOW TO BE A Self-learned Smart Investor

Are you want to become a expert in the trading world but puzzled how to begin? To become a specialist in the market, you need to learn about little aspects related to talk about market, first what’s trading? Seminars and social events could possibly be the most suitable choice for you, it will boost your networking as well as your knowledge.

This company purports to be always a nation-wide service and my friend expected a discussion in Mandarin. When my pal was talking in Mandarin the discussion transformed. If this were a nationwide company (as it purports to be) it would have responded to in Mandarin. By this stage I had been more than a little intrigued by this company.

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I dug around their website a little further – and found beta variations of their website. Is a screen-shot of that page Here. The copyright date at the bottom (2009) suggest this was not done lengthy ago. The web page itself is dysfunctional and sketchy. The bookings tend to go nowhere (surprise) and the English language tab can not work in any way.

This company claims they have IT experts who focus on customer management systems. They too are strangely missing. For instance in the primary website in the top corner are four options – “Sign In”, “Register Now”, “Order Management” and “My Account”. They lead to the same page – so there is no distinction between them really. Once you sign in there is no “Order Management” because they are as noted unable to take an order.

But before that there is something which sticks out just like a sore-thumb. There is absolutely no “forgot my password” option. The cookies on the site do not remember your ID. My travel-business entrepreneur friend will let you know that repeat business is the main element to profitability in one of these travel reservation businesses because the customer acquisition is very expensive.

Google (or in China Baidu) really do take their slice as key words are extremely expensive in travel. This company has not got the fundamentals of customer retention right even. But I wish to bring you to key statements of the business which I repeated above back. The business behind this can’t book any travel on any website we found. The woman sitting in the center is the CEO/Founder – her name is Ms. Jiangping Jiang and for a hyper-successful travel executive she speaks no British strangely.

That said – the written text here says they have came into into sale agent contracts with all the domestic airline companies and “over 30 international flight companies”. I would not be surprised if this stock were outlined on the Pink Sheets or even the AMEX. This type of stuff you can find on the UK’s AIM board – but the New York Stock Exchange is special. They have higher requirements!

To date the SEC has only forcedly delisted a single NYSE outlined company for scams – and that was ACLN. The NYSE must be certain of itself pretty. NYSE. It is an honor I question will be bestowed on me. By my reckoning this is a company where you can almost not bother looking at the accounts – you could short it off the website.