Have You EVER REALLY TRIED White Eye Makeup?

Have you ever tried white eye makeup? Any tips or ideas? I am blonde with brown eyes and medium-fair skin. There are very few attention shadows I could wear. I made a decision to try out this look. I did so all white shimmery eyeshadow, white eyeliner under the optical eyes with black eyeliner on the top crease and dark mascara. I believe it actually looks REALLY COOL! Type of a frosty, angelic, ethereal thing. I made a decision this is certainly not a good look for daytime.

At night time though, I think it’s a very cool, dramatic, uncommon look. The one thing though, it appears cool but FREAKY and space age! Has other people tried this look? Did you prefer it? Do it is thought by you appears cool? Do you have any tips on using white eye makeup? Any pics or recommendations would be appreciated.

  1. Tonight, Tonight: Part 1 (1988)
  2. 6 years ago from New Jersey
  3. 2-4 times a week
  4. Check-in nail varnish
  5. Contour with Too Faced chocolate bronzer

Have you ever tried white eye makeup? Any tips or ideas? 2 make ur eyes stand out more. Have you ever really tried white eye makeup? Any tips or ideas? I take advantage of urban decay eye shadow in polyester bride-to-be devote on my eyes up to the crease and under underneath eyelashes.

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