What About BEING TRULY A Tour Guide?

The concept of working after retirement is not new. Over the full years many people have found their resources inadequate to maintain an acceptable gratifying retirement lifestyle. Others have planned well, but a catastrophic medical situation has devastated their retirement accounts. Some have found themselves spending money on the care of ageing parents.

More than fifty percent of most retirees have money when they go wrong. Whatever the good reason, having a fresh income source after retiring from a career or life-long job has become a part of life for many. Retirement will not imply the finish of producing income through some form of work. But, what is happening is a noticeable shift in the percentage of those over 65 working at least in your free time.

The most recent numbers show that almost 20% work full or part-time. Consider that the common life span was 63 years when Social Security was first created. The number of years a recent retiree must support him or herself has increased over the last several decades. So, to retire and then start to rework is becoming more necessary and common for many. What is also slowly changing is the attitude among many employers.

While some more youthful workers may have problems working with older people, employers are starting to understand the advantages of hiring older employees. The years of experience, the stability and positive attitudes of working elderly people generally, and often, having less expensive benefits makes hiring retirees who want to re-enter the workforce a good decision.

Assuming for now that you may be one of those who wants to work while you are “retired,” there are several options that you should consider. Your decision will be based on your skills and prior employment, if benefits are essential, and how versatile you are. If you have uncovered a real way that suits you, I encourage you to share your recommendations and ideas in the comment section.

The most common choice is some form of part time work. We all have been familiar with the stereotype of the senior acting as a greeter at Wal-Mart. There is completely nothing at all incorrect with that choice. If you value people this may be a perfect fit. But, it is certainly not the only choice. I’ve seen women and men in their 60’s working at a gym as an individual trainer or leading exercise classes for older folks.

If you are in good shape and have some background in this field, why not? For the several a few months leading up to April 15th, most tax preparation companies hire extra help deal with the crush of individuals requiring help. The same situation occurs during the Christmas holiday season at many shops.

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Because your availability is most likely flexible, this may be a great way to add several hundred, if not thousands of dollars to your bank balance. Amazon hires thousands of seasonal workers to help accomplish online purchases at their centers located all over the country. What about being a tour guide?

I do that for several years. It was fun, put me in touch with lots of people, wasn’t intense, and paid well. Are you an early on riser? Newspapers are still looking for dependable folks with cars to deliver their product first thing every morning. How about working at a retail establishment or big container store like Home Costco or Depot?