Shoe TIPS FOR Patients DEALING WITH Foot Fractures And Injuries

Found you via barking canines today. Will be checking out the Dansko sandals for narrow ft away! My feet have minor issues (no breaks up to now just various aches & pains), and I’ve learned to be more selective with shoes. I wear Haflinger supportive clog-style slippers across the homely house. And I’ve recently discovered many styles of Rieker shoes have great heel control and fit my foot perfectly. Some styles not so much, and they need to be actual Riekers not their other brand.

I am so thrilled to find your blog! I’ve just recovered from taking 20-year-old hardware OUT of 1 feet, and I am back in my regular shoes. I am happy there are more good shoes available now really. Thanks a lot for all you are doing to help us!

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What is stick-roach kicker? A stick-roach kicker is a “Doris Day shoe” — high heels with such a pointy feet — you can chase a stick-roach into the part and kick it to loss of life. Thank you a lot for reading your blog and for all the lovely comments! You made my day! I can’t wear pumps.

If I even remotely flex over forward, I have a tendency to fall flat on my face—because I cannot control my toes. Women’s shoes, even the supposedly flat shoes, still have an inch heel, usually. I must wear men’s shoes, even though some of these have an elevated heel also! 4/18/16. Personally i think the same manner, I am no MMA fighter but a mother of 5 which for a long time felt like a similar thing.

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