United Airlines Business Class Trip Report

At 3pm on the day of departure I was still booked on the Singapore Airlines A380 to Frankfurt, linking to the Lufthansa 747-8i to Delhi, all in HIGH GRADE. Somehow, my wish to simply reach Delhi as fast as possible trumped my desire to take a flight two high quality airlines in great comfort.

So, I saw saver award space on the nonstop United flight, and got it. Silly me. Having flown United 82 to Delhi less than this past year, I understood what I was in for. Obviously I was less than psyched. Season right from the outset Things began shaping up exactly how they did last. Bad weather, an aircraft not at the gate within an full hour of departure time, and the data that, affirmed, I’d be on one of the oldest 777’s in the United fleet, was enough to make me cringe. After passing through the zoo that is called the premium security line at Newark, I headed for the lounge.

Fortunately for United, there is absolutely no other practical non-stop option with this route, otherwise nobody in their right mind would opt to travel with them. Flying Air India from JFK is simply too risky. On a 14 hour flight, that’s torture. This plane was exhausted and worn looking, and the lighting on these aeroplanes is so dated and depressing just.

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It got the ambience of the doctors office. The seats are very new and clean, but once again, as US carriers so do often, they found a genuine way to utilize space in the poorest way possible. It’s mind boggling to me how an airline like Qatar airways manages to produce a 2-2-2 configuration appear spacious, while United makes their product seem comparable to six coffins packed next to one another tightly.

There’s no sense of personal privacy, and the seats narrow right down to an ottoman under the chair in the front that could only realistically be expected to fit your toes of an infant. Once the chairs are in sleeping position there is no available room to move around whatsoever. Sleeping on one’s stomach is also a non-option in this seat. Seat in “Bed” Position. The inflight entertainment system on United isn’t bad. A nice sized screen, ok headphones, and a pretty standard selection of movies and television shows.

Not much to state here, as most airlines aren’t like Emirates in this respect, and Personally i think that United can contend with every other carrier I’ve flown on almost. Something I’m not a huge fan of is the location of the headphone jacks and outlets on the BusinessFirst seats. It’s very awkwardly in the top corner of the seat toward the window.

This is especially awkward when active with the earphones on. PTV, and an excellent View of How Narrow the Ottoman Is. If You Are Below a Men’s 5 Shoe Size You’re OK! The food and service was good with this airline flight amazingly. After last year’s experience with the “grumpy old lady” cabin crew that United is well known for on it’s most highly coveted routes, I had been shocked to visit a combined band of air travel attendants that appeared sincerely pleased to be there. An interest was taken by them in making the traveler experience an enjoyable one. Now, that being said, I think I acquired lucky here.

You are more more likely to get a bunch of nasty flight attendants that will treat you as if they may be doing you a favour each time you connect to them. This cabin crew had not been only a enjoyable surprise from a US carrier, but it was the difference between a pleasurable and unpleasant experience. More of United’s cabin crews should be like this. The food was standard business course fare.