Should I Install Solar THIS SEASON?

Hoping for advice out of this community. I’ve always been interested in solar panels for my home and started talking to some companies this summer, as this is actually the this past year to get the full 30% federal tax credit on solar technology property. 6k rebate. I can fund the cost of the machine at 0% for 1 . 5 years, allowing me to gather both credit and and rebate before needing to released any cash.

At the end of that term I could pay it off in cash or refinance with my credit union via home equity line. I’m presently sitting down on two proposals: the foremost is more traditional, only placing panels in the very best section of the roof, and the next would maximize most of the usable area. I do have some tall trees which cause us to be a less-than-ideal candidate because of this.

This is the main reason for my problem, as we won’t be generating the maximum amount of power due to the shade at times of your day. This makes the right time frame for the system to cover itself that much longer. 11,500 out of pocket after the taxes rebate and credit. Predicated on what they expect me to create and assuming electric rates increase 3% per year, the system would pay for itself in about 12 years. 18,700 out of pocket after credit and rebate. The period of time for the system to cover itself is actually the same.

The allure here is more future savings after that point because I’d be producing more power for myself. 50k in profit savings disregarding HSA money. 30k (we’re able to get by on less). The rest is 401(k) or equity. 100k on accommodations property at 3%. The rental property cash flows itself; I am only out of pocket if major maintenance appear. HOWEVER, we just got our first child and my husband shall be keeping home with the baby. His salary was 1/4 of our total income.

But we got hosed on our taxes each year because I drive us into a much higher bracket, therefore the ‘loss’ here’s actually significantly less than 25% of our ‘true’ income. 1k monthly to place into savings after all expenses are paid and my 401(k) and HSA are maxed. My car was just paid therefore i am assuming that savings roughly addresses increased regular baby expenses for diapers and formulation. The solar Feels as though a “great deal,” I’m sense some time pressure because of the credit, and it’s really something I’ve wished to do for a long period. I have the money or could easily fund and I really believe I could “afford it”. But I’m uncertain it is a great investment. And if I’m going to part with the money, will it make more sense to pay down mortgage process or contribute to the baby’s 529 instead?

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