What Are YOUR OPTIONS For Generating THE MANDATORY Cash?

Setting Investment Objectives, has been done, it is only a question of matching in the sources to the needs. What are your options for generating the mandatory cash? Note: Other financial cash-generating products such as annuities are available. There is a wide selection of specific securities and funds that deliver cash frequently, whether regular, quarterly, semi-annually, or once at maturity annually.

The gamut includes: Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Provincial and Canada Savings Bonds, Guaranteed Investment Certificates, Real Return Bonds, Government and Corporate Bonds, Common Stocks and Preferred Stocks (see previous post on Investment Building Blocks for more description). The chart below shows the usual regularity of payment for each type of security.

Mutual and exchange exchanged funds often provide more frequent payment than the fundamental security since their assortment of securities will routinely have staggered and constant incoming cash. There isn’t any cut and dried out optimum solution. RRSP, RRIF, LRIF is always taxed at the highest marginal rate so that it doesn’t matter whether the cash comes from dividends, interest or capital gains.

From a taxable non-registered account, there is a big difference in tax rates – dividends are taxed smallest, then capital gains, then interest. The above mentioned chart shows what tax type of revenue each kind of security produces. The big question is whether the lower earnings shall be sufficient to meet needs.

  • IRA contributions, taxable Social Security payments
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For an extended retirement, lower returns increases the possibility of working out of funds. To meet up a short-term goal, safe and steady securities such as T-bills, Money and GICs Market money are much wiser than volatile shares or long-maturity set income. 3 in Investing Principles – Minding the Immutable Forces. This can be especially tough to do in current circumstances when many investments have gone down. The oft-noted reluctance of investors to market losers (e.g. Terrence Odean’s classic research paper Are Investors Reluctant to Realize their Losses?) can get in the way.

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