The Foremost Problem

Editor’s Note: Not long ago i published an up to date set of important pro-White websites. To see it, click here: The 35 Most Popular Pro-White Websites. Also there’s a more complete list of pro-White sites here: Praxis Mag Source Feed. As most of my readers are aware, White people are under attack. Fifty years ago, Whites were roughly 33% of the world’s human population, today we are less than 13% and shrinking. It is estimated that by the end of this hundred years – if current anti-White developments continue – we will constitute less than 3% of the world’s population.

As globalization boosts and the small minority of ultra-rich globalists and their collaborators continue steadily to expand their power and impose one-world federal government on us, we will be considered a small, despised, and oppressed minority with no expect justice. We should prevent both decimation of our human population and the impositions of a “one-world government” on our people. The ultimate way to do that is to get educated and get mixed up in struggle against the globalist agenda. I’ve compiled a list of organizations that are focused on assisting you do that. Here’s a count-down of 25 that I consider to be most significant.

These organizations run the gamut from political parties, to cultural preservation societies, to educational institutes, to commercial businesses, to news/entertainment mass media outlets. Some of them are nascent and not well-developed yet, but that is why it is important that you can get involved and ensure they develop to a spot where they can be useful in our struggle against genocide. Visit their websites, learn what they are about, and become involved. Just as it sounds, Racist-Jokes is a sizable assortment of racially-oriented jokes.

= $ =p>Visitors cannot, but post jokes to the website. Why is it important? It is important because, in this business, most of us need fun sometimes, plus it can develop into a traffic generating hub, that points those unreconstructed enough to take pleasure from a site of this nature racially, to other, more important sites. EAU is a White Rights Advocacy group built around the easy concept that racial preservation is moral. Although racially-aware they aren’t Jew-wise explicitly. Why is it important?

This group offers good White people the opportunity to organize and battle for their rights in a world increasingly intent on robbing them of these rights. They have a information department and an education section also. They are developing a home-schooling curriculum that could prove essential to our people’s self-preservation. OD is an online forum or bulletin-board. It was originally named Texas Dissent and preserves those origins in its “paleo-conservative” outlook.

  • Accelerated Program (ABBA)
  • I can prosper on any standardized test, even easily know nothing at all about the topic matter
  • Positive attitude (but nonetheless realistic)
  • Apply it to support business tasks or inform decision-making
  • Don’t expect me to share a room with anyone. This is non-negotiable
  • Datum is
  • Get a business line of credit. Only utilize it in an incident of emergency
  • The capability to encourage others and business lead change

It has gained a global membership of bright, committed, and helpful folks extremely. Why is it important? It offers all the same advantages of other forums, but it’s constituency of older, older (elder-statesmen?) folks helps it be more ideal for newbies than the other more raucous, off-putting discussion boards. The IHR is a site devoted to accurate historical research, with a focus on events of the early to middle part of the last century. Why is it important? Simple – it exposes the myths, inaccuracies, and outright lies of those that earned WWII and therefore could actually (re-)write background. The David Duke Report is an alternate news site. Exactly why is it important?

Like European Americans United above, the CofCC is a national organization focused on the preservation of White ethnic accomplishments and the advancement of our interests. It is old and more experienced than EAU, which explains why I positioned it higher on the list. It differs from EAU in that it is explicitly Christian also. EAU has no religious association.