The Rise FROM THE BAQA (“BaaKwaa”)

The role of the Business Analyst (BA) and Quality Assurance Engineer (QA) as we know it is changing. As agile methodologies become prevalent, they appear to have an overlap. I believe of the person executing this new role as a BAQA (pronounced BaaKwaa). The necessity for people in agile teams to wear different hats is spurring this development. In recent times, it has received a lift with the development of frameworks supporting Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). Agile teams, and in particular teams following BDD/ATDD, write consumer stories in place of verbose software requirements. The user story catches the fact of the requirement indicated in a “Role/Feature/Benefit” sentence structure.

Subsequently, acceptance requirements are written as “Givens/Events/Outcomes” to exemplify the necessity. Together, they define the business necessity completely.While the user story takes a Business Analyst’s skill, the acceptance requirements requires a Quality Assurance Engineer’s skill. Essentially, we now have a need for somebody who can play both roles. Let us see the typical obligations of a Business Analyst and QA Engineer in a traditional methodology, such as waterfall.

Verify that the execution meets the acceptance criteria preferably through automatic means. I’m not recommending that people are witnessing the demise of the specialist BA and QA. There is a role for the specialist and there will be always, just as we continue to have architects, DBA’s and user interface specialists in agile groups. However, they will be required to drop their BA or QA head wear frequently, and wear the BAQA head wear instead.

They butchered over 30,000 Bulgarians with the type of primordial cruelty that is associated with bouts of ethnic cleansing always. The Westminster Government of Benjamin Disraeli decided to allow it pass. They considered that deciding on a battle with the Turks didn’t chime with the needs of the Empire and the town of London at that time. Funny, but that sounds familiar somehow. Isn’t the area where the Turkish atrocities went down kind of near to the Crimea? Very close. And it is the existing Tory led authorities busting a gut to place Putin back in his box? Ah. Not necessarily. Not at all in fact. According to typical, I digress.

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Turning a blind vision to butchery and slaughter didn’t sit down well with Disraeli’s arch rival, William Ewart Gladstone. The ‘Grand Old Man’ made a decision that British indifference shouldn’t be allowed to stand and he embarked on what background came to learn as his ‘Midlothian Campaign’. He rattled up and down the land and gave impassioned speeches to loaded halls.

The term spread and within months Disraeli’s government had been toppled. There is no Television back of course and no radio either then. To hear the words of Gladstone you’d to turn up in person and then you have the whole speech – not simply a twenty second sound bite on the evening news.