Tools For Easier Coding & Design

Tools For Easier Coding & Design 1

The main goal of these plugins is to simplify the process of using popular software features with minimal requirements and fast set-up. Here you will find the top 10 Dreamweaver plugins to use as an extension on your current software. The Dreamweaver Visual Calendar plugin (along with all the current other plugins the following) works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5 and everything later variations.

They also require PHP on the user’s hosting accounts. Dreamweaver Visible Calendar allows users to create a practical calendar completely, capable of planning events and keeping records. The Dreamweaver Comment System plugin allows users to simply insert a comment form to their webpage, in order for viewers to leave comments. The Comment System gives the site owner authorization to add or delete comments as needed.

Comment management because of this Dreamweaver extension can be found on the administration page. The Dreamweaver Newsletter is a simple extension that delivers a subscription newsletter sign-up on your website. The plugin transmits your latest newsletter to each membership sign-up automatically. The Newsletter system will not involve your webhost, unless the user is associated with a Windows server.

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Only one newsletter system can be installed within a area or sub-domain. The Dreamweaver Send to a close friend plugin allows website owners to widen their site traffic. The Send to a pal extension for Dreamweaver allows your visitors to recommend your website with their relatives and buddies through a user-friendly form.

The plugin transmits an email to all the persons who are recommended to your website with an individual message moved into by the user, and a hyperlink back to your website. The Dreamweaver Hotspot Image Focus on plugin allows users to configure images and text message into hotspots in the Dreamweaver software.

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