Biography And Contributions Of African American Astronaut Guion Bluford

Guion (Guy) Bluford was born in 1942. He is known for his career in NASA as an astronaut mainly. Bluford in addition has served in the United States Air Force and he is also called the first BLACK to have traveled in space. Family Status: His mom was a particular education instructor and his dad was a mechanised engineer. Married to Linda Tull.

They have two children, Guion James and III. Hobbies: Reading, swimming, jogging, racquetball, handball, scuba diving and golf. 1987: A master in business administration (University of Houston, Clear Lake). 1967: Bluford becomes a T-38A trainer pilot for the 3630th Flying Training Wing, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, serving as a standardization official so that as an assistant air travel commander. 1971: He becomes an professional support officer to the Deputy Commander of Operations and a School Secretary for the Wing.

1974: He becomes an employee development engineer in the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (deputy for advanced concepts for the Aeromechanics Division and branch chief of the Aerodynamics and Airframe Branch). 1979: Bluford joins NASA. 1993: He leaves NASA and requires a post of Vice President/General Manager, Engineering Services Division, NYMA Inc., Greenbelt, Maryland.

1997: He becomes Vice President of the Aerospace Sector of Federal Data Corporation. 2000: He becomes Vice President of Microgravity R&D and Operations for the Northrop Grumman Corporation. 2002: He becomes President of the Aerospace Technology Group, an executive consulting business in Cleveland, Ohio. In August 1979, Bluford became a member of NASA. He has worked on several projects about the Space Station, Space and Spacelab Shuttle systems, the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL) and the Flight Systems Laboratory (FSL). On August 30, 1983, the STS-8 mission premiered from Kennedy Space Center. It had been the first mission with night time start and landing, and it was also the first mission for Bluford.

During the STS-8, several medical experiments were conducted about the effect of space airline flight on the body. The mission lasted 145 hours and in this right time the shuttle Challenger completed 98 orbits around the planet earth. On October 30, 1985, STS-61-A launched from Kennedy Space Center aboard Challenger. Eight members of the crew, along with Bluford performed 76 tests in Spacelab.

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The objective lasted 169 hours and completed 111 orbits. April 28 In, 1991, Bluford participated in the STS-39 mission, launched from Kennedy Space Center aboard Discovery. The objective lasted 199 hours and completed 134 orbits. December 2 On, 1992, STS-53 launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida aboard Discovery. The mission lasted 175 hours and completed 115 orbits.

This was the fourth and last objective Bluford participated in. Image: Guion Bluford in the aft airline flight deck photographing the Earth through the STS-053 mission. Bluford was the first African American in space. He has more than 688 hours in space. He flew 144 combat missions, 65 which were over North Vietnam. He has written several technological papers in the field of computational liquid dynamics. He is an avowed scuba diver. An FAA is got by him commercial pilot permit. He has over 5,200 hours jet flight time in the T-33, T-37, T-38, F-4C, F-15, U-2/TR-1, and F-5A/B, including 1,300 hours as a T-38 instructor pilot.

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