Airbnb TO OBTAIN HotelTonight, Plunging Deeper Into Hotel Business

Airbnb — a company founded on the concept of people renting out their homes — is moving headlong into the hotel business. Thursday On, the San Francisco-based company said an agreement was signed by it to acquire the hotel booking app HotelTonight, a deal that might be Airbnb’s biggest yet. Financial details of the offer weren’t disclosed. Airbnb went from being truly a website for couch surfers to having a massive online presence in just under ten years. It lists roughly 6 million homes for lease in more than 80,000 towns worldwide.

Airbnb is apparently planning an initial public offering sometime this year. But after years of regulatory fights with towns including New York, New Paris and Orleans, the company must show investors it can grow. The ongoing company has progressively moved into the hotel business within the last couple of years, at quietly adding boutique hotels to its entries first. 12 months it announced hotels would be one of four property types it provides on its site Last. To round itself out as full travel company, it’s added additional features such as excursion booking and restaurant reservations. Airbnb has also partnered with major landlords in California and Florida to allow for Airbnb renting through their structures.

HotelTonight is a popular booking application that let’s people get last-minute hotel offers. The privately-held company focuses on boutique and self-employed hotels. 450 million, regarding to Bloomberg. Airbnb said acquiring HotelTonight would make it easier for people to find places to stay at the last second. It is also seen demand for boutique hotels among its users and it is expecting to create more offerings to them.

Airbnb has obtained or made an investment in a handful of other hospitality companies, like the upscale vacation local rental company Luxury Retreats and restaurant booking startup Resy. Facebook moonshot project wants you to type with your brain: Don’t expect this vision to become reality anytime soon, though. Apple joins Google, Microsoft on project to make your computer data portable: THE INFO Transfer Project is wanting to make it easier to move data between online services.

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