Youth In Peace And Development (YIPAD)

I have been going to these YIPAD meetings with 2 of the boys in my own house, Steven and Junior, because I can’t help but be drawn to dealing with kids. The purpose of the golf club is to show kids the importance of education and let them know about their privileges and role as children.

Sitting down with the group market leaders I told them that I have had a lot of experience dealing with kids in Canada and could teach them management and teambuilding video games so the kids would want to be committed. They might feel committed and respect each other more because they might feel that these are gaining something by coming to meetings, other than being lectured just.

They want me to help them secure an office and computer, but I want to help these kids as much as possible. I need to keep my sights nearer to the ground, thats where I will have the most success. So drawing on my many years of experience dealing with rambunctious children, I slipped so back into my camp counsellor role easily. There are about 25-30 who come out to meetings…the first thing I tried with them was a song with actions. That went well. I QUICKLY attempted the ‘clap to shut-up’ trick…if you can “hear me clap once clap back again…” that worked wonders, instead of seeking to yell at kids and threatening to defeat them.

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The next conference I attempted the “human knot” to have the kids working together to solve a problem…it was a bit disastrous. The youngsters acquired fun and it was a start…but these games are fairly foreign to them! Breaking off into groups, working together to solve a problem…you mean you aren’t just going to tell us how to do it? It had been really interesting to start to see the result of how children are treated here. The education systems and attitude towards children and their education are extremely different in Canada.

I believe that there continues to be the attitude that by virtue of heading to school, a child is getting a good education…but just how they appear to be taught is how to do what they are informed. Creativeness and self-discovery aren’t prompted…from much what I’ve observed so. At our next meeting I had formed them break off into groups and produce skits/plays demonstrating the need for education…and it was a great success! It had been interesting that the individual who got the hardest time grasping the idea of what we should were doing, getting the kids be creative and work together to come up with their own play, was the group leader.

He had a hard time not going around and dictating what the youngsters should do. Maybe an individual quality, but maybe how he can be used to interacting with kids…the mentality that if you are old you understand better. This is one of the cultural aspects I am struggling with. I think its important to respect your elders, but moreover respect should be predicated on what you do and exactly how you act. If you show up hours later for a gathering and are sidetracked the complete time, that’s disrespectful, why should you obtain respect? Working with these kids has given me a very important insight in to the culture really.

How children are treated and behave leads into the kind of citizens and culture you should have. From what I have seen at my office, the attitude which i find wanting to try new things irritating…not, take risks or push the status quo…can very well be linked to the mentality engrained in youth years. Anyway, I will keep staying involved with the group and try and learn as much as i can from them, and show them as much as i can, because with kids there is certainly wish for the long run! An extra Bonus is the Wagashi, the Afrcian cheese, that we have been stopping to get on our way home.

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