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Actually it isn’t so easy to describe just what a chatbot is to anyone who has no experience with it. Perhaps the best way to start understanding this phenomenon is to follow a number of them, and get a sense for it. Pick from my list below with nice chatbots or choose yourself from the long list of bots on the site There‚Äôs a bot for the.

1. Use the Duolingo bot to learn a language. For Spanish, French, German. 2. Work on your wellbeing with the Healthybot. 4. The Heston bot voor Skype provides your cooking food skills to Michelin stardom. What makes chatbots hot? Messenging programs are are chat programs such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Skype chat or Slack talk where you speak to someone one-to-one.

Communication in sessenging programmes are surpassing the number of communications in sociable mass media. About 1.4 billion people used Messaging Apps in 2016. Which means that they are already chatting a great deal and are for example every day on Facebook’s messenger with friends. It really is a good technique to go to people where they already are, so they don’t have to build up new habits or get to know new platforms. Chatbots to aid learning & development You will be very creative considering possible solutions with chatbots! Reflective or coach bots. Bots can support reflection perfectly. I use colleagues on a ‘confessional’ bot predicated on the principles of ‘the confessional container’.

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The interesting thing is that sometimes reflection works better with a bot who doesn’t assess you. This is utilized in therapies also. Read for instance about Eliza the therapeutic chatbot. Educational bots. There are bots who can show you new things and teach you something similar to about artwork. In the Netherlands for instance you have the KBlab chatbot who’ll send you a piece of artwork from the Dutch Cultural Heritage collection every day with some description.

Language bots. To understand a language you can speak to bots in your preferred language. Helpdesk bots. Of course, you can also use a chatbot just like a person bot on a website but now assisting your employees. For example let a bot explain how to use a platform. Facilitator or Teacher bots.

These facilitate online courses. A chatbot may help you with the web sessions and guide you through the program. Browse the interesting experience of Helen Blunden. Quantified personal bots. A couple of bots who ask you for information and return it for you at certain time. This is very insightful for personal reflection.