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Microsoft has released a new alternative to Robocopy. What’s Robocopy you ask? No more than the best way to copy a great deal of files across a network via the order line in Windows. Robocopy will copy a directory with any amount of documents and subdirectories. It will merge the contents of the directories if duplicates already exist in the destination depending on options you pass it.

Robocopy is fantastic. It’s one of the first things I set up on a newly formatted Windows container. Just what exactly could be better then Robocopy? According to Microsoft TechNet, RichCopy. So today I installed RichCopy and put it to the test. I had a need to move a directory that had 19.8GB in 69,510 documents and 13,654 directories (or folders if you prefer.) I began RichCopy and used its GUI interface to start the duplicate. My network performance was no more than 10Mbps (I’m on gigabit people) but it’s an overworked commercial network, therefore i don’t think that’s any problem of RichCopy.

Unfortunately about an hour and 45 minutes into the job, the server disappeared from the network for a second. That’s the type of thing RichCopy was designed to handle. At that time RichCopy crashed with an exception However, and the only choice was to close the exception dialog which closed the RichCopy software.

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So now I’ve got Robocopy doing the duplicate. It doesn’t have a extravagant GUI but it’s working. Oh BTW, there is a GUI for Robocopy here also. But I tried it and it had at least one bug (when I tried it.) It could do the job, but, if you are looking for a robust copy tool, you can anyway manage the control series. By default robocopy won’t copy files that appear the same so that it always performs a merge and that is what this command line will to. The /S says to be recursive but don’t copy empty web directories.

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