Types of Electronic Components & How They Are Used

Types of Electronic Components & How They Are Used 1

There are three types electronic components. These components include Active components and Functions. This Resource site article will explain the various types of electronic parts and their uses. Once you know what they are you can create your own electronic parts list. Here is a brief guide. This article will cover all three types electronic components. This article should prove to be useful. And, as always, please leave comments and questions below. When you have any questions concerning wherever and also tips on how to utilize écran pc, you are able to contact us in our web-site.

Active components

Types of Electronic Components & How They Are Used 2

There are two types of electronic parts: active and passive. Active components require an external source of power for operation while passive components do not. They are used interchangeably in electronic devices and have distinct characteristics. While passive components can store energy and produce inductance but they cannot control electricity flow, they can be used to store energy. Both are used in electronic devices. Examples of classic active parts are devices that have computing power, built in batteries and displays.

Passive and active electronic parts are used in virtually every type of electronic circuit. Active components are semiconductor devices used to control the flow of electricity. The simple test to determine whether a component works is to compare the input signal and the output signal. If the power is lower, it means that the component is passive. A amplified signal means that the component is active. Both types are used in electronic devices including cell phones and computers.


Electronic parts are responsible for controlling the flow and frequency of energy, as well as converting one type into another. While passive electronic components don’t have directionality or gain, active parts do. The following are examples of active electronic components: transistors, integrated circuits and logic gates. Other essential electronic parts include connectors, resistors, and terminals. Switches conduct electricity in electronic circuits when they are open or closed. Other passive electronic parts, such as crystals or resonators, use magnetism and other inductive devices like crystals and resonators.

Sources for electronic parts

You will likely need to source components from multiple sources if you are a designer or an EMS provider. It has become more difficult to supply components due to COVID-19, regional upheavals and other challenges. New electronic designs are not able to depend on only a handful of reliable suppliers to source all their components. Instead, designers and EMS providers must use multiple sources for parts and develop a comprehensive supply strategy.

There are two main types of electronic components: passive and active. Passive components use an external source of power, while active components require an external source of energy. Passive components on the other side require a power source. Both types can be passive. Passive components and active components have one major difference. Active electronic components require an external power source such as a battery to be powered. These components need a constant source for power unlike passive components that are dependent on the circuit.

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