SAP Analytics Cloud – Benefits and Limitations

SAP Analytics Cloud - Benefits and Limitations 1

SAP Analytics Cloud Cloud-based software for data analysis that allows companies to make More Material informed decisions. It automatically uncovers hidden patterns, relationships, and outliers by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Based on your data, it can help you make informed decision. SAP Analytics Cloud offers many benefits and is valuable for all business sizes. In case you have any questions with regards to wherever along with how you can use sap data warehouse cloud, it is possible to e-mail us with the web site.

Cloud-based solution

A cloud-based SAP analytics platform is a great way of getting the most out of your business data. Access reports, dashboards and other information from any device is possible. You can also run multiple analytical processes from one console. SAP Analytics Cloud has robust BI, planning and reporting capabilities. It has built-in collaboration and automatic cleansing of data. Context-based suggestions can be made for better data preparation. It also allows users to chat directly with data and can create interactive charts.

This Cloud-based service is suitable for all users. The user interface is user-friendly, and it includes tools for machine learning and predictive forecasting. A useful feature for non-IT professionals is the “What if?” mode. Users can view and manipulate reports that highlight the most important indicators for their company.


SAP Analytics Cloud provides guidelines that make data visualizations and stories More Material accessible to everyone. SAP Analytics Cloud offers a template for high-contrast stories and an example story design to assist people with visual impairments. These guidelines are not rigid, so you can make adjustments as needed. You can also test whether your visualizations are easily viewable by viewing them in full-screen mode.

Import your data first to create a SAP analytics experience. This can be done by simply dragging the file to SAP Analytics Cloud. Next, select the Data Exploration Model or “I Feel Lucky”. Then, choose “Enable date drill-down” to create a date hierarchy and time-series chart.

SAP Analytics Cloud - Benefits and Limitations 2


SAP Analytics Cloud’s functionality is subject to some limitations. Some of these limitations are related to data management and integration. However, the company claims to have rectified these problems in recent updates. Let’s look closer. First, the account model is limited. This model does not support a basic key figure model.

Although the data model has been improved the product still has its limitations. It’s still limited in its ability to report and visualize data. The next year will see several new features. A calendar integration for planning applications is one of these features. Interactive dashboards are another option. The interactive dashboards can be predictive or self-guided. These features will bring great value to SAC.

Modeling capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud has powerful modeling capabilities for predictive and scenario-based business analytics. This capability helps you play with real data and key business drivers in a quick, intuitive manner. It doesn’t compromise the integrity of actual data. You can use the software for future predictions without worrying about the data that you are using now.

In addition to a data visualization, SAP Analytics Cloud includes the capabilities of data validation and data enrichment. These capabilities allow you to easily track and respond quickly to data changes. Notifications can be sent via email or mobile apps to notify you if data changes. You can filter by time range, “TOP N”, and other parameters. If in case you have any sort of concerns relating to where and how you can make use of enterprise data warehouse, you can contact us at our site.