How to Repair Your Garage Door Springs in Barrie

How to Repair Your Garage Door Springs in Barrie 1

How to Repair Your Garage Door Springs in Barrie 2

Understanding the Parts of Your Garage Door Spring System

Before attempting to repair your garage door springs, it’s important to understand the key parts of your system. The torsion spring is the most commonly used type in modern garage doors, consisting of a shaft, spring, and drums. Extension springs, found on older garage doors, typically have two separate springs on each side of the door. For more information on the subject, we suggest exploring this external site we’ve selected for you. Garage Doors Barrie, explore new insights and additional information to enrich your understanding of the subject.

Common Signs of Garage Door Spring Damage

Knowing when your garage door springs require repair is essential to ensuring the longevity and consistent function of your door. Common signs of damage include: creaking or loud noise when opening or closing, uneven door motion, broken cables, and visible wear or rust on the springs themselves.

Steps to Repair Your Garage Door Springs

Repairing your garage door springs is a complex process that should always be performed by a professional. However, understanding the steps involved can help you prepare for the repair process:

  • Release tension from the springs to ensure safe handling
  • Remove the old springs and carefully install new ones
  • Re-tension the springs to ensure proper function and balance
  • Test the door to ensure everything is working correctly
  • Benefits of Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

    While it may be tempting to try to repair your garage door springs yourself, it’s important to remember the numerous benefits of hiring a professional:

  • Increased safety: garage doors are heavy and difficult to handle, increasing the risk of injury or damage during the repair process
  • Expert knowledge: trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and repair your specific garage door system
  • Cost-effective: attempting to repair your garage door springs yourself can lead to further damage or mistakes, costing more time and money in the long run
  • Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

    To prolong the lifespan and ensure consistent function of your garage door springs, regular maintenance is key: Learn more about the subject by visiting Delve into this interesting analysis carefully selected external resource. Garage Doors Barrie, discover valuable insights and new perspectives on the topic covered in the article.

  • Visually inspect your springs every few months for visible damage or signs of wear
  • Lubricate your springs and door track with a silicone-based spray or oil every 6 months
  • Test your door regularly to ensure everything is functioning correctly
  • By following these maintenance tips and being proactive about repair needs, you can ensure the safe and reliable function of your garage door springs for years to come.