Disney Launches NEW “Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast” Dooney & Bourke Collection!

It’s seriously an account as old as time…every time Disney and Dooney & Bourke release a new collection, I contemplate spending my ENTIRE paycheck on the latest designs. But truthfully, with collections like the Lion King collection and the Cats collection, how could you not? And today, not spending our money just got 10x harder because Disney is launching a new Beauty and the Beast-inspired collection. The lovable bags are covered in a few of our favorite Beauty and the Beast friends like Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts.

And get this, friends – although collection is officially launching in Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs area tomorrow, it’s already available ONLINE! So, you can actually now buy these bags right. A couple of three new bags the choose from. 158. This handbag has taken my center as it took me back again to watching Belle twirl around the ballroom with the Beast for the very first time.

Disney Springs starting tomorrow! And, we assume and wish this collection will pop-up in other locations around Disney World and Disneyland as well. But as we earlier mentioned, these bags already are available online…so if that check is burning a hole in your pocket like mine is, be sure to check them out! Join the DFB Newsletter to get the breaking news right in your inbox all! Click here to Subscribe! Don’t Lose out on Any Disney Fun! The 2019 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Eating is currently available! Use code WDW2019 at check-out for a 25% from the cover price! Which bag is your preferred? Let us below know in the remarks! Grub Orange and Burger Cream Tremble Debut in Disney Springs! “Full Steam Ahead” Noah Designer Ears ARE ACTUALLY Available in Disney Parks!

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