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The new course can be an unleveraged version of an existing and successful TS Multi-Strategy Fund LP Class A and you will be based on a concentrated subset of TS’s current investments that we chosen the best performers. This talk about class exhibits lower risk guidelines in terms of standard deviation, as well as stronger Sharpe ratios.

Common sense no more is important in much of what we do. We should though wake-up at one point, no? Or more of us, I should say. Best wishes again! This entire situation is totally crazy. First we changed rules so that even people who could not afford to buy a home were allowed to buy a home they could never pay for.

Now we are getting rid of folks from homes they are willing to purchase if the lenders will work with them on reduced payment plans and extended mortgage loans. I would like to see this situation suggested to a university level “Logic 101” class and see if they can make sense out of the.

Perhaps we ought to insist upon a round of required sanity testing classes for our elected market leaders? Hey Mr. Happy. Always nice to hear from you. Yep, that sound insane to me. Just how things appear to be nowadays (for me) is that everything is approximately profit and the greater income the better.

Forget rules and regulations: income has somehow charmed ninety-percent of the world’s inhabitants. The houses could be profitable but not with people in them. It really is crazy in my opinion truly. MANY THANKS for another great article Mrs. Lynda. Much to learn here! Super insightful, although tragic. No, but I get the sense that if these things are not happening to them, then they feel they don’t need to be concerned about it.

And those to whom it is going on, well it’s their own fault, isn’t it? Don’t you get that feeling from just how people talk, the way they look on those in trouble down, what some write? I’m with you; I don’t observe how occupying anything — other than your own soon-to-be-foreclosed house — is achieving much. Yes, new market leaders are needed, but unless there is certainly massive change of path and attitude, it will not help. Thanks a lot for commenting, Peg. This “unmitigated devastation” you’ve explained is nothing in short supply of shocking.

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As a former Florida resident and former homeowner there, I’m astounded by these facts and thinking if everyone in this country is asleep or just unconscious. We need focus, we are in need of unity, we need leadership to drive us out of this free falling overall economy. And we have none of the above.

While our country has been bought out by foreigners we watch reality shows and eat Doritos. This is truly sad. My heart goes out to you and all those who suffer from diminishing equity and lack of value to their homes due to slimy bank maneuvering. I cannot imagine how camping out in tents and protesting can help this example.