How To Die Young

Shape ups are just the latest gimmick in the footwear industry. Many predecessors lived before it. Their slogan is, “get in shape without ever setting foot in a gym.” While I agree you should be able to get in form without ever setting foot in a domesticated fitness environment, I disagree with their methodology.

It is the short-cut mindset that each person (at some point in their life) falls victim to. The essential idea behind Shape Ups is to mimic the unpredictable landscaping of our natural globe. We live in a pavement world today where we constantly walk on an even plane. This leaves ours feet, its connected ligaments, tendons and metatarsal muscles unprepared for the rigid earth these were designed for. A straightforward solution to the nagging problem is always to go walking on a trail, hike, run up a hill, rock and roll climb, walk on the beach, or just go barefoot in your own backyard. But Skechers wished to make things complicated.

Instead of marketing a connection to the durable globe they designed a plastic material shoe to “mimic” the effects. You’ll be sore initially because your ft are being contorted to walk on an unusual plane. Different muscles will be involved. But in reality these shoes aren’t an improvement to traditional jogging shoes, they are only a modification. The bio-mechanics are predictable only more challenging initially still. They only challenge your foot on a single plane of motion. There is absolutely no laterally, or dynamic motion as with a barefoot environment due to a strong support.

Here is the “clinical study” that Skechers conducted on behalf of their product. This scholarly research is flawed from the start. It only tests things independently. They might seem impressive on their own however they may have opposing negative side effects. For instance, a strengthened lower back may mean weakened abdominal muscles.

The body is all about balance. If Shape Ups make you rely more on your glutes and back, they may cause you to depend less on your belly and quadriceps. If one muscle is forced into a prolonged stretch another muscle must relax and contract. They need to test all muscles that are found in walking to show the overall effect of the footwear.

The study contains ten participants- two of which ended up being pregnant during the study. This is not a sizable enough sample. And twenty percent of the participants were pregnant! This creates a new imbalance and change in body weight that would surely taint the scholarly study.

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The study only lasted 6 weeks. Whatever changes the bio-mechanics of your mobility must be tested for a longer period to notice considerable effects on position, muscle imbalances and general fitness. 6 weeks is merely long enough for a fake positive or a confounding variable. For instance, the participants might have been excited they had new shoes that presented a new challenge thus increasing their daily walking,.

The study did not show if the individuals engaged in more exercise during the period of the study. If you wish to challenge your body against the unstable surfaces of an all natural earth without gimmickry go for a walk on the beach or in your neighborhood park barefoot. If you’re looking for security choose yourself up a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. The basic idea behind modern footwear is support and protection.