How To Turn Your Original PS3 Into An Entertainment Computer

Share your opinion and expertise and make residual income at exactly the same time by signing up for Hubpages free of charge. Update to the Hub! Thanks to Sony’s schizophrenic behavior lately this hub is now void because Sony has transformed their brain about allowing these changes. Additionally, this hub only works on original PS3’s and it is not examined on the newer models. Even if you were to achieve this hack you will not be allowed to access the Play Station Network as a consequence to Sony’s new policy.

I debated deleting this hub because it is no longer valid, but I felt the knowledge generally useful and I simply didn’t want to delete this in the event Sony changes its mind (Hey! It happens!). Either way, I want to clarify that hub is not current information. Sony’s Playstation3 is some type of computer powerhouse. Its Cell processor chip is designed specifically to compute the millions and millions of computations per second that intense gaming requires. So why has no one used it as a computer yet? For one thing, it’s apparently unlawful to run Windows or OSX (the Mac operating-system) on the PS3.

But the free option Operating System, Linux, can be run, not only lawfully, but also without voiding your warranty while keeping the consoles features as a dedicated gaming machine. So if you want to turn your PS3 into a one stop video gaming/home theater pc, will be the steps to take action here. Please note that these instructions are designed to get this to process as inexpensive as possible without undermining quality! If you plan on improving your PS3 for computer functionality, you’ll need a few items.

We recommend anything bigger than 80 Gigs. You have your materials Now, you’ll need a copy of the OPERATING-SYSTEM you are going to install. You should use any version of Linux you want, however the best one open to replace and mimic windows is Yellow Dog (all though Ubuntu can do in a pinch). Yellow dog offers PS3’s with their operating system preinstalled, but carrying it out yourself is better of you will want bigger hard drive. Is instructions to install Yellowish Dog on the PS3 Here.

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You can also download a duplicate of Ubuntu pre-coded with kboot, but you will have to find it on the web (Yellow Dog is preferred!). Kboot is a special tool that makes installing Ubuntu onto your PS3 easier, so it’s a good thing to have. The file you download is a .iso disc image, therefore you’ll need to burn it with your favorite burning tool onto a disk and that means you can place it into your system.

BACK UP YOUR SAVED GAMES! I cannot enough stress this. If you do not want to reduce all your progress in all of your games, you MUST backup your saved games. To get this done, insert a USB flash drive or portable hard drive into one of the PS3’s USB ports. Then go into the “System Settings” menu and click on “Backup Utility.” Follow the prompts to back up your saved video games.

PLEASE NOTE: This won’t backup your music, video, etc. This will ONLY backup your preserved games. When you have decided to up grade your hard-drive for something bigger than the PS3’s stock 40/60/80GB hard drive, continue reading. If not, please miss to another step “Step Five: Install Ubuntu.” To upgrade your hard drive you will need the Phillips screwdriver and hard drive talked about in the “components” section. You’ll need a 2.5in laptop hard drive for this purpose.

Unplug your PS3 and everything input devices. Find a flat, clear surface, ideally a desk top or workbench, and established your PS3 onto it. Be sure you are grounded before working on your PS3. To carry out this, simply touch any conductive metallic surface, or if you are actually extreme about grounding, find your houses main ground range and touch it. This real way you do not harm your PS3 with electrostatic release. When you have one lying around, you might use an anti-static wristband, but they are found in the house seldom. Unscrew the single screw privately of the PS3.

Removing the plastic material cover and grab the hard-drive tray. Swap the hard-drives as shown in the pictures, by removing the remaining screws and replacing the original hard drive with your new one. Screw the new drive in to the tray again, slot it back into the PS3 and replace the cover and place the final screw in then. Plug your PS3 back in and transform it on. The PS3 shall auto-format the new hard drive. This is the hardest part of the entire process, but as you will notice, it is simple extremely.

To begin with, be sure you have a PS3 controller connected in, and then turn it on. Select “system settings” then “format utility” from the PS3 system menu. Choose “custom” and allot 10GB to the “other operating-system.” Select “quick format” and reboot when it is done. After the partition is manufactured, the OS can be packed from the Ubuntu disc. Insert the disc and select “install other os” under the “configurations” menu.