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There are track of the top still left of any Facebook group that are much like pages that hold different information. Many of the pursuing tabs come standard on all Facebook group webpages. You can create custom tabs easily in the settings area also. Wall structure – This certain area is where all the connection between your classmates happens. It’s the news feed, ideas, and discussions among members of the class reunion.

People can post their photos, videos, problems, and updates in this certain area. Info – This is actually the page where you can post the What, and Where information about your class reunion. Make sure to place the day, time, and located area of the course reunion in this tabs. Photos – Have old photos of your classmates? If so, then check out and post them here for everyone to see.

If you don’t have any old photos, see if the alumni office can offer some then. Another source would be the known associates of Facebook group. Ask to find out if anyone would be willing to share their old high school pictures. Videos – Have an old video that would make people smile?

How about a video of you dance like MC Hammer (Don’t know who that is? Then don’t get worried about any of it ). Any video that is funny and shows a sign of the days should be posted in this section. The main thing is to keep things interactive. Registrations – Facebook will not allow you to make a registration form where you can gather money for the class reunion. Another most sensible thing is to create a tab that contains a link back again to your own course reunion website. If you wish to learn how to create a course reunion website with no programming knowledge, read Class Reunion Website Reviews then.

Events – Planning for a class reunion involves organizing a great deal of smaller occasions like fundraisers, car washes, bake sales etc. Post all the occasions here and ask volunteers to help. Links – Want to give a link to a class reunion registration form or a survey that you need taken? Post all of your links here.

You can also ask classmates to list their business on the Facebook organizations page for a small donation to the course reunion. Notes – Post your course reunion planning committee meeting notes on this page and that means you keep everyone up to date. Polls – Have a question for your course reunion guests? Wish to know if they want to block rooms at a 3 star hotel or a 4 star hotel?

Ask them with the polls tabs. Let the total results be your guide to raised reunion planning. The large Facebook user base has made it an extremely useful tool for organizing class reunions. While planning a class reunion can appear like a intimidating task still, finding your old classmates and keeping them current about the reunion has become much easier with Facebook Groups.

Select from one’s body tray “Internet Connection” and it scans for close by wifi systems and whether or not a data connection is available. It easily gives the user full control over if a connection is energetic – something I appreciate. While Maemo is not perfect it is easily the closest experience you will need to a complete blown operating system on a hand-held device.