“Would You Rather?

Would You Rather ? Today I decided to do something a lttle bit fun. I haven’t done a blogpost in quite some time and so thought I’d ease involved with it with a label. I know i’m a lttle bit late to the party with this tag, but it’s still a great one to do.

1. Might you lose all of you mascaras preferably, eyeliners, lip and lipsticks glosses or lose all your palettes and eyeshadows? As much as I love my palettes and eyeshadows, I believe those will be the ones I would thought we would lose. I could stil do a complete look without my shadows, but it might be complicated to do without all the rest somewhat.

Besides, I’m a pretty big lip kinda gal, so not having anything for my lips is a whole no go! 2. Can you alternatively chop all of your locks off or never have the ability to cut it again? Without hesitation, I would chop off most of my hair. I’ve very damn short mane as it is, so going completely wouldn’t trouble me. Not sure it would suit me to visit completely bald, but that’s a different matter.

3. Do you rather have a coral cheek or a green cheek? A pink cheek Definitely. I am very have and pale a pink undertone to my skin, so i consider a pink blush suits me the best and looks the easiest on me. 1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup? Please, give me a difficult one 😉 Makeup of course. I would wear makeup as clothes if that ever came into style (though I doubt it will). 5. Could you preferably apply lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick?

Hmm. My instinct neither sais, but if I HAD to choose, I think I would wear lipstick as eyeliner. I’m pretty confident that they could be used by me as a base for my eyeshadows or is that cheating? 6. Would you merely shop at Mac pc or Sephora somewhat? This has surely got to be minimal difficult one. I used to be somewhat disappointed with the Danish Sephora in comparison to e.g. the American one.

  • Oil in water emulsion to favor cutter glide over skin area and protect pores and skin against razor burn up
  • Emotional Brillance Face Powder (contain talc)
  • Beauty Blender. (purchased at Purbeauty Seremdra)
  • Incorporates BOTH 12 personal computer brush circumstance and shoulder tie up as special rewards
  • BB cream match: Skin79 BB in Green merged half and 50 percent with Pink
  • Is the area between words deliberate or non-deliberate
  • Use sunscreen that prevents both UVA and UVB rays

There are just so many brands that people are missing that we hardly bother to look there ever again when I’m in the big city (Copenhagen that is). So without a shred of doubt, I’d choose MAC. 7. Will you as an alternative only wear one eyeshadow color or one lip coloring for the rest you will ever have? Again, I love my lippies so I guess I’d choose one eyeshadow.

I think I would just go complete bonkers if I could only wear one color of mouth for the rest of my entire life. I possibly could make on my view, because imagine if it doesn’t opt for my mouth? No, I think I made the better choice. 8. might you wear winter clothes in summer time or summer season clothes in winter somewhat?